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This is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed are those of the author.

The decision, Decision, Decision, Right?

We have to make decisions for all of our natural life here on planet earth. We are even making decisions when we don’t think about it all day long. Today the biggest decision is not am I going to work tomorrow, and it’s all about the news going on today and every day you come home from work. We have left-wing media and right-wing media. The question which one are you willing to believe. I’ll be the first one to admit I still watch the mainstream media (Fake news). I also watch the right-wing media. This is the way politicians are hoping to loop us in their loop. Some of us have become dependent on the news. So dependent, we don’t do our own research.

I was one of those who became dependent on the news (left-wing). I stopped doing my own research. I became so dependent that I believed whatever they said. I had always told others I was not a Democrat or Republican. I was an Independent. I was always being told I was a Democrat. I have a few Conservative friends who stood strong against most of my Democratic posts with facts. I would always try to debunk their facts, but to no end, I couldn’t. Let me tell you, friend, it was hard for me to face the truth. I was conditioned and brainwashed into believing whatever Democrats said. There are two friends of mine and not just Facebook friends, real friends.

When I made the big decision to break from the Democratic party, that is one of the biggest decisions I have ever made. It wasn’t easy, but when I had the truth with facts well, that really helped. We make difficult decisions every day. I believe the decision to go in a different direction is but one of the most difficult decisions I’ve made so far this year. Friend, don’t get yourself so dependent on your news choice, do a little research for yourself. There are consequences for every decision we make. No one can answer for your decisions but you. For so long I battled with abortion. That really weighed heavy on me for years. I just put it in the back of my mind and tried to forget it.

I have a family member (Bless her heart) who was always trying to get across to me that I needed to pick a side and go with it. Well, here I am picking my side and I feel so much better knowing I don’t have to accept whatever Democrats say or do. I am against abortion, I believe life begins at the time of being conceived. That is but one reason for my change in direction. I don’t like the direction the Democratic party wants to take the country. It looks as though they want Socialism rather than Capitalism. All one has to do is research the countries that are Socialism countries to see just where that leads.

It leads to despair. Having Capitalism helps a country grow, Socialism makes its people dependent on the government. We all know there are those already dependent on the government who refuse to work and feel they are owed something. Now please don’t take me wrong, there are people who depend on the government for good cause. Some are retired and some are not able to work because of health issues. That is understandable and excepted. Please if there are any Democrats reading this, Please, do some research. I’m not against you if you’re a Democrat, just remember to try and keep it civil with your difference of opinion(s).

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