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Our Government Or Theirs? Tyranny?

I have a friend who posted a meme saying “Quarantine is when you restrict the movement of Sick people”. “Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of healthy people”. When I read this, I had to give it another look. Is this what is going on today. The government is turning to tyranny? Didn’t we learn a lesson of being held down and being ruled by England? Did we not have a revolutionary war for freedom to do as we please? They are now talking about trying to mandate the vaccine. It’s no big secret, I took the vaccine. I respect whatever your decision is on taking the vaccine.

As you can tell I’m no writer, but I can get my point across. The question is, are we trying to be ruled by the government? If they mandate that everyone has the vaccine then what’s next? What else will they try? They called Trump a tyrant, yet they are trying to mandate that everyone get the vaccine. Is this our government or are we their people to be ruled over? Tyranny is a very strong word, but it needs to be said. Shout out to Bill for giving me this thought. Nancy Pelosi’s agenda isn’t the people it’s all about going after Trump. She seems to do whatever it is she wants.

If we are headed for a very big uprising of the people against the sitting administration will we have soldiers in the street? Will they carry out an order to harm their own? Will the military be used against the people? I am in no way suggesting an uprising. God forbid that ever happens. We as a people (Americans) have the right to do whatever we please as long as we cause no harm to anyone. Mandating will lead to even more mandating when they want the people to do what they say. I see nothing coming from the Biden administration about bring the people together. What I do see is Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, causing a deeper divide among the people. This is a simple political move on their part for votes. The military members have been ordered to comply with President Biden’s Federal employee Covid Vaccination Requirments.

Now the military is being subjected to taking the vaccine or face testing weekly. We all know the testing will be the cue tip up one’s nose. Then again being in the military might make them take the test whenever they like. So they said doing this to the military is just short of stopping from a mandate. If that isn’t a military mandate then what the hell is? So are we the people next on this list of just stopping short of a mandate or will they mandate the people get vaccinated with the vaccine? Again, Tyranny is a strong word, but are we headed in that direction? I sure hope we aren’t. I love my country and respect the Constitution. Long Live The United States Of America. God bless our troops.

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