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How Did We Get Here?

The clock strikes midnight and the counting restarts. Just hours before we were told that ballot counting had stopped until morning in Atlanta. We were all told that this was “normal” or “understandable” with the current state of the country and the changes in election procedures. The media and election officials told all of us that those counting ballots were merely tired and needed to rest before restarting the process in the morning. Being from Georgia, the news let us know that this was occurring and that we would know the results tomorrow. Suspicious, yet confident, Georgia went to bed with Trump having large enough leads to remain in office. Early the next morning, America awoke to the news that Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Nevada also mysteriously stopped counting. Curiously, these were large leads and enough votes to push President Trump beyond 270 electoral college votes and safely back into office. “The fix is in”, I told my wife early that morning. Slowly, as DAYS dragged on, the game was over and the election fraud the Democrats had been talking about for four long years had taken place. Yes, you read that correctly, DEMOCRATS. For four long years, we heard “illegitimate president”, “not my president”, “we were cheated”, etc. Dozens of articles by the media and speeches by legislatures explaining how easily the election could be hacked and how vulnerable our system was to “bad actors”. Those echoes reverberated on every news channel from coast to coast and Googling the “2016” election would certainly provide you with all the evidence needed to know that Trump and Putin colluded to steal the election!

Social media exploded and their description alone gave the visual of Snidely Whiplash curling his mustache with his finger as he laughed. Snidely would come to have nothing on Donald Trump. To the credit of the media and the censorship of Big Tech, they did one hell of a job painting a picture that even Hunter Biden could applaud. The chatter never stopped and the obsession rocked on. But no one ever presented any sort of election malfeasants. None was presented, EVER. They never asked for a forensic audit. Why? A strange Freudian slip from Biden? “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” If you recall, he very calmly chuckled at the thought of losing. Confidence is definitely a great thing but is it possible that his cockiness was because something was afoot? Was it because he knew something we didn’t or was it just another one of his gaffs? Humor me for a moment. Now, hit reverse one more time briefly and run back to the 2016 election. As you recall, Hillary Clinton refused to accept defeat. Her campaign carried the same arrogance that we saw with the Biden campaign. Did Hillary also know something? Those with her on the night of the election tell some pretty interesting stories of her reaction. Something didn’t sit right with so many about her behavior that night and the following weeks, months, and years. She traveled the US and told America she won and had been wronged as much as possible. She just KNEW she had won…. but how?

The debates did not go well (with or without Donna Brazile’s help). Clearly, we had two new parties; Democrats and Deplorables. Her condescending tone was noticeable. No speech she gave ever seemed “genuine” but very forced. There was a lack of sincerity. Those feelings seemed to be the same with Biden. The arrogance and very unapologetic way that he spoke seemed all too familiar but optimistic for the mountain he was climbing. But, he continued to push forward. I can respect anyone with that much confidence, but this seemed different and questions of substance were always evaded though rarely dished out by the media. Again, I think most of us just passed it off as a lifelong politician who was sharing his great insight into the political landscape. After all, Americans know nothing but what we’ve read on social media or seen on the 6:00 news. We have always trusted the experts to lead us in the right direction. So maybe the talking heads knew something that the working-class folks didn’t know. After all, there is no way to spend 48 years at a job and accomplish nothing. When the votes were finally tallied and the smoke had cleared, Joe Biden was the man the people
elected as their President. Although it felt a little off, we all accepted that like the feeling of being defeated. It is part of life and you must move on. There would be no more Deplorables but we would all be Americans. When everything was settled and life looked like it would return to the 2008-2016 “normal”, someone discovered life outside of Big Tech and MSM.

Then, information began to trickle out at first. At some point, the flood gates opened and videos, pictures, affidavits, etc. were dropping EVERYWHERE. (accept Google, Facebook, Twitter…) Who was Ruby Freeman and why was she boasting about “plan b”? Why would she act so oddly on her social media accounts and post videos that were very suspicious and, in some cases, very telling? Someone should address this with her supervisor. Shaye Moss, her supervisor, is also her daughter. Even odder, both mom and daughter were one of the four who remained into the late hours of the night counting votes while poll watchers and the rest of the counters were sent home for the night. The media has told us a pipe busted in State Farm Arena and everyone needed to just head on home or that they had worked so long and hard that everyone needed some sleep before returning. Take your pick. These four were either plumbers or the corner store was selling ephedrine again.

Busted pipes turned out to be leaky toilets, sharpie gate actually did exist, ballots really were duplicated, and the list goes on and on and on…unless tech giants fact check for us. Things were exactly as the gut told you. Something wasn’t right and we were being lied to. How much? We are still finding out. They are putting a stop to that as rapidly as possible. By now you know, there seemed to be just enough in the late-night counts to vault Biden into the Oval Office. Many Americans smelled a rat and even many Democrats were left scratching their heads. To any observer, the odds of overcoming these deficits were damn near impossible. The media explained it all to us and fact-checked it all just to make you more comfortable. Did you take their word? Trump won 18 of 19 Bellwether Counties. He won 2,626 counties to Biden’s 487. Folks, that’s 84% of the counties in the United States. What about the big cities? The voting issues in these cities are too many to count. I point you to the photo above and the cities involved in those late-night counts. The times and dates of the ballots being dropped and the impossibility of the votes for Biden and Trump during those times. According to many scholars, it is mathematically impossible. Republicans won 15 of 18 seats in Congress. Three of those were in California! But in the Senate, only won 1 of 5. They lost two in Georgia. Georgia, remember? Ruby and Shaye? Well, the mathematical anomalies continued on during the Senate race as well. Announcing that just enough winning votes had not been counted yet.

We will dive into the funding, hiring, legislation, companies, and relationships that were the undertow for the events that took place that night. In my brain, I could not imagine this happening in America. Google, Facebook, and Twitter eased everyone’s mind. They even did us the favor of filtering only the facts into our cell phones and desktops. The fact-checking became obsessive to them and these giants began using semantics and not facts to make us feel better. Do you feel better? Does it all add up? Have these people acted as if they have nothing to hide? Move away from Google and try Brave or DuckDuckGo. Put your search results side by side. Remember that we live in American and whether fact or fiction, your information is being given to you as they deem it necessary. Dig, research, and decide for yourself if they are looking out for your or something more nefarious? *I encourage you to take a look at the links below. Seth Keshel and his resume speak for themselves. His work is done by the numbers and only the numbers. The YouTube video (yet to be removed) is also for those who may not have seen it. The evidence is plentiful and it will cause you to question many things.

Georgia Election Analysis by Seth Keshel – US 2020 Election Fraud at a Glance (electionfraud20.org)

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(20) Heather Mullins – Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) on Twitter: “FULTON COUNTY, GA: Evidence shows that batches of ballots were fed through machines several times in 2020 election comprising official certified election results. @GAballots breaks down what we’re looking at. MUST WATCH! @RealAmVoice https://t.co/UpH1zj6H8r” / Twitter

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You’ll see that the media and politicians were all very upset about the machines. Until November 2020.

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