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Truth Seeking Truth

               This is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed are those of the author.

Conditioned Or Brainwashed?

Should the definition of the Democratic party today read like the movie “The Matrix”? Instead of two pills to choose from, wake up, or continue sleeping, there are two more pills to choose from: Conditioning and Brainwashing.

What?? No screams from the left to Impeach Cuomo !!

I can’t comprehend why the left isn’t shrieking, Impeach Governor Cuomo. Where is Nancy Pelosi’s huge mouth? Why isn’t she leading the charge to Impeach Cuomo?

Our Government Or Theirs? Tyranny?

I have a friend who posted a meme saying “Quarantine is when you restrict the movement of Sick people”. “Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of healthy people”. When I read this, I had to give it another look

The decision, Decision, Decision, Right?

We have to make decisions for all of our natural life here on planet earth. We are even making decisions when we don’t think about it all day long. Today the biggest decision is not am I going to work tomorrow, and it’s all about the news going on today and every day you come home from work.

Joe Manchin Now Has Problem With The Spending Bill??

So, here goes Joe Manchin AGAIN! Joe Manchin always has a problem now when it comes to the Senate.

What Happened To The Mainstream Media

These are some of the biggest lies the mainstream media has told in the past few years. We all remember some of them, but let us try not to forget the top ten lies.

The Defense Of The Country  Should Always Come First

There’re aren’t too many people who know about July 23, 2021, the Senate Armed Services Committee approved a bill that would add…

What Happened To The Mainstream Media? Part (2)

As I began writing the first article I knew right away there would be another part to it. Well, and here I am with part two (2).

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