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It’s Reported Britain Is Prepared To Take In 25,000 Afghanistan Refugees

The British government is doing its utmost to make sure that 25,000 Afghan citizens are safe and sound. They have launched the Afghan Citizens’ Resettlement Scheme in order for them to escape from a war-torn country where they would otherwise be at constant risk of death or injury by Taliban attacks. The local councils will work with the government on finding places for these refugees as well as what jobs they can take up while living in Britain so that their livelihoods remain intact no matter which side of the world they now reside on.

A quick scan on social media proves there are already people who want to open their homes and hearts for refugees. Neil Waugh, a 76-year old pensioner from England has become the newest member of a growing group of British citizens that is willing to take in two Syrian refugee families into his home. Neil made this decision after reading about children as young as three years old being left stranded at railway stations in Europe because they were refused admission by European countries with stricter immigration policies than Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson “compassionate” stance: he will allow 20,000 Syrians asylum seekers over five years time while rejecting calls from other EU members like Germany or France requesting 120 000 immigrants per year respectively “at least until we have taken in what we can.

The post was flooded with tens of thousands of likes and loads of people said Neil’s offer encouraged them to sign up for the resettlement scheme. One person responding to the tweet wrote: “This is so inspiring and heartwarming! I’ve been looking into this as we have a spare room in my family home, some extra money saved away from work, and would like to help refugees.” When Liz from Scotland wrote “We’ve likewise offered a room- to a young person seeking asylum- and will be matched with someone by the local authority. Good luck & well done.” Neil said he was pleased this response would provide an opportunity for people in his community who want to welcome refugees into their homes but have not been able to find anyone yet.

Others responded, too excited about doing something tangible: one saying they’ll do the same thing in York; others offering clothes or groceries if needed. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced he will allow 5,000 Afghan refugees to enter Britain over the next year. In order of priority, women and girls who have contributed to Afghanistan’s flourishing under British rule are given precedence in resettlement plans for this new initiative. “We owe a debt of gratitude,” said Prime Minster Johnson as he praised these Afghans’ contributions towards their country. The UK has taken a step forward in the response to an ongoing global humanitarian crisis, pledging 20,000 additional refugees. The country is allocating more resources that will help those fleeing Afghanistan and other countries where there are war zones such as Syria.

These people face persecution from groups like the Taliban who have been known for abusing the rights of women and children especially harshly due to their faith beliefs or ethnic backgrounds. Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand is one of many world leaders who has called on The Taliban not to reintroduce strict rules into Afghanistan. With just a few days under their belt in Kabul’s Presidential Palace and much concern over what this means for those living there, it seems that old times are back with them now taking control of the country as they launch an all-out military offensive against other groups vying for power.

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