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Will Washington Get Involved With The Mandate For Masks Needed In Schools?

President Joe Biden announced Wednesday that he was directing the Education Department to use its legal authority against Republican governors who are trying to block local school officials from requiring students to wear masks in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19. These Republicans want nothing more than for children and their parents to suffer, so they’re taking every measure possible – even at a cost of billions – just so kids can be exposed unnecessarily. It’s not like we don’t have better uses for our resources as an international superpower!

President Joe Biden said at the White House that some politicians are trying to turn public safety measures into “political disputes for their own political gain” and warned they’re setting a dangerous tone. Biden said in a press conference that he would not stand for governors blocking educators from protecting children. Biden also announced his plan to work with the Justice Department if any of the states fail to comply with federal education law, saying “we are going after you.” Republican governors across the country have recently signed executive orders or enacted laws seeking to prevent local officials from imposing new mask mandates.

As children head back to school amid a surge in the delta variant of coronavirus, some local officials have decided that ignoring these measures is best for kids who are not yet eligible for masks at all ages and especially those under 12 years old as they are more susceptible to this illness than adults. In a controversial move, Senator Joe Biden announced at the Democratic National Convention that all nursing homes will be required to require staff members to receive the coronavirus vaccine. This is projected to affect around 1 million employees and 15 thousand facilities nationwide while affecting Medicare and Medicaid funding for these communities as well. Nursing homes are in a dilemma.

They rely heavily on Medicare and Medicaid funds, but some have raised concerns that if they were to require staff members to be vaccinated it would lead them to lose valuable employees who can’t find another job due to the current tight market. With an increase of Covid infections driven by their delta variant (which is harder for vaccines), Joe Biden has been looking at every opportunity he can get over the last few months so that Americans will start getting more vaccinations before outbreaks become even worse than they already are today.

Many private sector companies have also started requiring vaccinations from their employees, with some universities following suit just last week due to recent outbreaks on college campuses across America’s heartland states such as Kansas and Iowa enhancing an already urgent need for policy changes among both students and faculty alike while ensuring safety within this crucial educational institution environment The Biden administration is using the power of federal authorities to persuade nursing homes into issuing vaccines for employees. They are considering withholding funds from institutions that do not comply with this new regulation, which will have a positive impact on public health by reducing infectious disease outbreaks and other illnesses in these facilities. While the effectiveness of vaccination has decreased over time, officials from the CDC are now recommending that all adults get a booster shot eight months after their first doses.

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