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Michael - Managing Editor

Terror Inside America Isn’t Just Political

      I thought I would take a little break from the political rhetoric in America today. Unfortunately, I can’t. Let’s talk about nonpolitical rhetoric. On Sept. 9, 2021, a man was captured on video kicking a woman down the escalator in New York. This is but one thing that happened on Sept. 9.2021. Crime is at its most high ever. What is being done about it. We have a congress locked in a heated battle, with Democrats not caring about what is really going on in the country, but one thing is for certain, they are interested in holding on to power no matter what.

      Nancy Pelosi isn’t finished going after former President Trump. Her fear of losing power to him is very real. Did former President Trump wake up a sleeping majority that is tired of the Democrats? AS a former Democrat, I have to say I didn’t like some of the things Trump did, like , Twitter. I came to a realization that I could live with that. The country was moving forward and the economy was doing good until Covid 19 stuck its head out from under a Chinese rock.

      It’s not easy trying to talk about the crime rate without pointing out the facts. On June 11, 2021, Minority Mitch McConnell on “an explosion of violent crime”

WASHINGTON — “SKYROCKETING MURDER RATES,” claimed the National Fraternal Order of Police. “An explosion of violent crime,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“Democrat-run cities across the country who cut funding for police have seen increases in crime,” tweeted U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-N.C.
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      It’s time the Democrats stop playing games with the people’s lives and get to work on protecting the people. Every time a Republican Governor signs into law that not only do they not like, but the reason is so they can make it look like they have their base at mind. The truth is they could care less. When there is a horrible crime committed against anyone with a gun, they instantly want gun reform. Do they really think that will cut down on the crimes committed with guns? Any person with a little common sense can tell you it will not help. They want to make it where Harley anyone would be able to own a gun. There are already laws on the books about felons not being able to possess a gun.

      What more do they want? They would like to have it where no one can carry a weapon even if it is for self-protection. I am a strong advocate for the 2nd Amendment. I am in no way subjecting they are coming for your guns. I am simply giving my opinion on what I see. Crime in America has to be dealt with, and I don’t mean little slaps on the wrist. If someone is sentenced to a term then they should serve out the whole term and not have it where they are released because of good behavior. Anyone will behave in prison if they know they have a chance to get out because of it.

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