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Senator Chuck Schumer Announces They Have An Agreement On The Senate Bill To Ovoid Government Shutdown

      Schumer Announces Agreement to Avoid Government Shutdown WASHINGTON – Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) today announced that the Senate has reached an agreement to avoid a government shutdown, just one day before the deadline, while keeping the federal government open until February 8, 2018. The announcement came after weeks of negotiating between Democrats and Republicans on funding for children’s health insurance, community health centers, disaster relief, immigration reform, and tax cuts. The deal also includes two-year spending caps through 2021.

      I am trying to reach out to those who are looking for the truth. I learned the truth with some help from Mike Ford. Mike had a great amount of patients with me. With his help, I became self-aware of the truth. Explaining just what a government shutdown is where I will start for those searching for the truth.

      A government shutdown occurs when funding for federal government operations is no longer provided through a new appropriations bill. In response, non-essential federal employees are placed on unpaid furlough, while others remain at work without compensation until a new bill is passed by Congress and signed by the President. However, if a new bill isn’t signed within approximately three weeks of a shutdown, more employees are forced into unpaid furloughs until a deal can be reached between Congress and President Biden.

      Unless an employee works in military or medical fields that are deemed essential, they must either miss paychecks or report to work without pay. During prior government shutdowns in 2013, over 400,000 federal workers received full paychecks during nine days of closure before receiving nothing once again during another 16 days. There were also still 3 million active military members who continued receiving their paychecks because they were deemed essential to national security interests.

      The current budget proposal has increased the total funds requested for 2021 with hopes of alleviating some fears surrounding a future government shutdown. It provides $500 billion in additional defense spending along with increased funding for border security initiatives—both proposals demanded by Republicans. The proposal is only expected to increase spending caps by roughly $300 billion over two years combined. This means Congress will have to propose another compromise soon after passing its own proposal later today unless it simply decides to extend current levels further into next year.

      Senator Chuck Schumer says that Social Security, Medicare, and other benefits are 100% guaranteed. There will be no delays in these payments because of a possible government shutdown. Sen. Schumer feels confident there will not be a government shutdown, at least for 2021. He feels he has made progress on immigration issues so far by negotiating with President Biden and Republican leadership. Hopefully, an agreement can soon be reached on what type of money will fund border security. The current issue being negotiated is how much funding should go toward physical barriers between our country and Mexico as well as how much towards technology that would further secure our borders. Both sides seem to have agreed-upon $1.6 billion is set aside for border security funds including physical barriers along with certain parts of our border with Mexico.

      If you’re a federal employee, Social Security benefits and Civil Service Retirement System payments can be processed even in a shutdown, if Congress appropriates funds for them. In fact, President Biden declared that he would approve back pay for federal workers affected by a shutdown. If you’re receiving disability payments from Social Security or from another federal agency or pension program—such as Veterans Affairs or Federal Employees Retirement System—then your benefits should continue uninterrupted during a shutdown.

God Bless America, God Save The Veterans

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