Conditioned or Brainwashed?

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So, which one could it be, conditioned or brainwashed? I have to go with being conditioned for myself first then being brainwashed secondly. I have been conditioned from a very young age to think like a Democrat.

I’m sure that hasn’t stopped in other families even today. We do the same thing as parents when we have kids. I did it. I conditioned my two sons to think like Democrats. The expression over the phone when I told them I was going in a different direction.

The first response I got was laughter and then when I didn’t laugh with them it became clear to them dad was not joking. I told them how I didn’t reach that decision lightly. I didn’t actually do it thru research for myself at first. I was posting things against the conservatives without factual proof. I had comments to my post that were, intimidating to me. Every time I tried to disprove the facts I couldn’t. I started a little digging on my own with the links that were accompanied by the comments I was receiving.

The harder I tried to fight the facts; I came to the conclusion I had ground to stand on. The more I see what the Democrats want the closer to socialism we get. Democrats want to give everything away, by doing that they are taking from one to give to another. The problem with that is this, the ones they want to give it to are people who just don’t want to work for anything. These are the conditioned people. The only difference between me and others who were also conditioned is we work or worked.

When I was still working, I made a good paycheck and really didn’t care about what Democrats were doing. That’s what being conditioned to think as a Democrat will do. I’m coming around to being conservative. It’s going to take some time to become unconditioned as a Democrat. I was being accused all the time of being a Democrat, not an Independent as I claimed to be. As I look back now, I can see why I was being accused. I did side with the Democrats on everything they threw out there.

Conditioned or brainwashed right? The definition of conditioned differs from the definition of brainwashing. Now about being brainwashed. Let’s examine this compared with the Democrats, shall we? I said earlier that I had to go with being conditioned first the brainwashed secondly. Let me elaborate. As I said I was conditioned at a very early age to think like a Democrat as be grew from a child into a man. Then once becoming a man I was brainwashed into thinking I was owed something too.

I had been brainwashed into thinking Republicans were the enemy and were trying to take everything away as much as stopping anything else I felt like I was owed. That is exactly what is going on right now. The democrats want to give the kitty away for votes. they are so fearful of losing power they will do and say anything. So they began brainwashing the people into thinking they really care about them when in fact it’s all about power. Believe me, it is hard to convince someone who has been conditioned to think like a Democrat and then brainwashed to finalize the takeover of one’s thinking. It took some time (over a year) for me to even just contemplate the idea that Democrats were taking the country into socialism. I have joined the good fight to stop that from happening.

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans

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