Defense Of The Country Should Always Come first.

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There aren’t too many people who know about July 23, 2021, the Senate Armed Services Committee approved a bill that would add a massive $25 billion to President Biden’s already inflated Pentagon spending request of $715 billion.

It passed with success. It passed with what isn’t easy to come by these days “Bipartisan”. The vote was 25-1, which is considered a blowout. I have always considered a much more robust military budget.


Every day in the news we are hearing how Russia is testing new missiles as is China. Russia and China are but just two of the most dangerous countries wanting nothing more than to conquer the United States. This was already attempted in World War two (WWII). The Japenese who are our allies now, caught us asleep at the helm. The closest most Americans, including myself, came to actually witness a war was 9/11.

The pentagon should always have the money to help contractors to be able to develop the arms we need to continue to show a deterrence to any country that might have their sites set on us. Do I worry about other countries wanting to conquer us? Yes of course I do, I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t. I just want to shout out to the Democrat Senators who didn’t vote yes. Democrat Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) opposed the effort. Does this woman actually know where she lives? She claims to be Native American, I don’t know what the hell she is.

I do know she’s trying to get the spotlight back on her. This woman amazes me how she can keep getting voted in. I hope she doesn’t have any hopes of running for President again along with her buddy Socialist Bernie Sanders. The American people do not want Socialism. Capitalism is what makes a country grow. Everyone has the same chance to build that American dream they are after. Where Most Americans are aware of what Socialism does for you. It gets you to depend on the government to which the government can just up and cancel anything it gives.

Now back to the military protecting the country and its people. Democrats are all worried that giving the Pentagon more money with each new budget is a little too much. What if the Democrats would stop their spending with all the pork they like to shove inside a bill that in most cases is a needed bill to actually help all Americans. Yet when met with opposition from the right they start their screams of, the Republicans want to take away your freedom of choice.

Then, if it isn’t that scream it’s the scream of Republicans being racist. This division of the people runs deep. Now that some important elections are on the horizon, I expect to hear so much of these two screams accompanied by the Covid19 screams. If the Democrats lose seats in congress this election cycle coming, will they say it was stolen from them?

God Bless America, God Save The Veterans


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