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Is Our Democracy Under Attack?

                                          ARTICLE RE-WRITE

      I am asking you, since my eyes are wide open and also my hearing is excellent currently, is our democracy under fire? The more I provide this idea, the more I am entitled to say yes; our democracy is under attack. Then my inquiry is answered with Democrats in mind. When I recall history, I can see not what I want, but what is the reality. The more I come to be Un-Conditioned, the even more fact I see. Try to comprehend where I am originating from, and also, it was a lengthy roadway I traveled. I was conditioned to assume one way, and that means resembled a Democrat. I declared to be an Independent since that’s what I thought. It was the perfect excuse Democrats provided me to use.

       Instead of coming right out and stating I am a democrat, I would have a far better chance at rotating anything Republican politicians had to come at me with. This is just a little of where I’m coming from, Conditioned or Brainwashed? It’s a little of my tale. I want to start with the Clinton Presidency. Taking a close look at the past is really crazy with all of the things I agreed with on the Democrat’s side. I chuckled when he was caught,well-ratted on by his other half of the sex-related Misbehavior. There is no nice method to describe what was going on that day, (Oral Sex); now I said it … Republicans wanted nothing more than to have then-President Bill Clinton Impeached.

      Your house of agents charged Then-President Clinton with two short articles of Impeachment. The initial was lying under oath, and the other was obstruction of justice. After being charged with two short articles of Impeachment, but pledged that he would certainly complete his term. Being just the 2nd President to be Impeached does not fit right if you’re found guilty on either charge. What the hell do you tell your grandchildren concerning your Impeachment. They will eventually check it out, and after that, what the hell of a time you’re going to have explaining it to them or simply her or just him. Back to the article, is our Democracy under attack? I believe it is—first the Impeachments of then-President Bill Clinton.

      I believe he was never charged with the two articles of Impeachment. It started with him having a relationship with Miss Monica Lewinsky. It wasn’t a one-night stand. They had close to or about a dozen sexual encounters. Then she was transferred from the White House to the Pentagon. She made quick friends with Linda Tripp, who was also a co-worker, and she confided in her about the sexual relationship she had with then-President Bill Clinton. I wanted to go deep like this to help explain what I see and hear. As for the Then-President, Bill Clinton’s Impeachment went. Again, back to the article. I see our Democracy under attack by the Democrats, which they want you to think it’s the Republicans to be worried about, not them. It’s starting slowly, with Democrats scaring the people with the virus—mask mandates.

      The American people can spook very easily because everything is always taken care of for them. At some point in time, the people will have to face obstacles they have never thought possible. Like the Virus that I believe is a weapon of war designed by the Chinese that got out of hand. Do we really think the government will tell us the truth? I, for one, don’t think so. the Democrats are trying their best to hold on to power. Fear is always the number one thing to use. Scaring the people isn’t that hard; after all, look at what’s going on right now.

      The COVID 19 Virus is taking a curtain call for the second time around. Let me be clear, I have had the Vaccine and would do it again. I’m not here to tell you what to do. You do what you think is best for you. I respect that. The election is on its way to the fight to keep the Senate and the House. If the Democrats get a hold of the Senate while keeping the House, we’re going to see their Agenda controlling the future of the Country. Democrats are set on making the country a socialist country. We have to get out there and vote; this vote coming up could mean the country’s future. Do we want a socialist country, or do we want capitalism to stay? The choice is ours, not the Democrats.

God Bless America, God Bless The Veterans

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