What Happened To The Mainstream Media? Part two (2)

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As I began writing the first article I knew right away there would be another part to it. Well, and here I am with part two (2). There may even be a part three (3). Other than that I’m ready to talk about some of more biggest lies the Mainstream media put out there and now, well, it seems they have let up. The only one to really keep it alive is Nancy Pelosi.

She was behind both of the attempts to out then President Trump with not just one (1) Impeachment but two (2). First was the Russia collusion and the Impeachment attempt failed. Then along comes the Ukraine Impeachment attempt. That Impeachment attempt blew up in the Democrat’s faces as did the Russia collusion Impeachment attempt.

Even now Nancy Pelosi isn’t finished going after Trump. Her biggest fear is, that he might run again for the Presidency or one of his kids. Let me get this out now, I don’t want you to hear from someone else. At one time I was very much against President Trump. I said and did just about anything to go against Then President Trump. I don’t want to go too far into this.

I have an article I wrote trying to explain where I am coming from and where I am headed now. The article is My Story – Conditioned or Brainwashed. I made a few enemies before I decided to head in a different direction. A few of them welcomed me when I made the change, then, of course, there were those who weren’t so forgiven.

I’m hopeful that my actions now will make a different impression on me to them. Anyway, I’m getting off-topic, so let’s get back to what happened to the mainstream media. Again, I have always thought when you are accused of a crime and have to go before a court you have the right to face your accuser. Well, again it was an anonymous source. That one didn’t pan out either. What the Ukraine impeachment attempt was all about then- President Trump was trying to get information on President Biden’s son Hunter Biden. They were trying to prove Quid Pro quo. Which was not proven. Let’s not stop now, what about Hunter Biden? What about the laptop?

Why isn’t the media still on the prowl over the laptop that could prove just how dirty Biden’s laundry is? The laptop, after all, could prove just how dirty his foreign business deals were which his dad President Joe Biden helped him. Now again I ask the same question, where was the Mainstream media when this was taking place? Rudy Giuliani is the perfect excuse for why the Mainstream media didn’t want to carry the story because he was then President Trump’s attorney. Then the really big excuse came from Joe Biden’s campaign saying the emails on the laptop were just Russian disinformation emails.

What would the mainstream media do if this was one of then-President Trump’s sons? We probably would have witnessed those that were covering the laptop story having babies and some from being male would have become rich over that…Lol. I’m sorry about the miscount. I believe there are probably 6 or 7 lies I wrote about. Most importantly, we all know how then President- Trump was attacked at every turn, and yet if he fought back they were like, HOW DARE YOU.

God Bless America, God Bless The Veterans

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