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President Joe Biden has been in office for less than a year, and already the Afghanistan Taliban is making their move for power. The President’s lack of knowledge on international affairs and foreign policy has caused many to wonder if his inability to keep America safe will lead us down an even darker path with no way out. For more information about Democratic vulnerabilities that are coming from this Presidency, He will need to be watched at all times. Even his mental state is coming into question. The Taliban has made its move for power.

President Joe Biden claims to be a professional in the field of foreign policy, but his lack of knowledge he seems to be showing now on international affairs and foreign policy has caused many to wonder if he will be able to keep America safe Many democratic individuals don’t think he’ll make it far into his term due to these downfalls we even have a US General who wants Brittain counterparts in Afghanistan to stop rescuing Americans stranded beyond the airport area because it’s embarrassing? How about just worry about our own country and get ya ass out there and rescue Our people the Americans.

The Reuters report detailed the story that would be a huge strategic victory for the Taliban, capturing Jalalabad without taking any casualties and securing themselves passage to Pakistan with an easy takeover. This surrender came as no surprise given past losses from Kabul’s forces in other Afghan cities like Kunduz, where they were forced into retreat after defending against little more than “a few dozen” insurgents who managed to take over half of Afghanistan’s second city while killing nearly 300 people – including women and children–in two days before being driven out by government troops backed by U.S.-led coalition airstrikes this month.” Afghanistan is in shambles. President Ashraf Ghani fled Kabul and left the Taliban to take over as Afghanistan’s rightful ruler. Just a month ago Joe Biden was feeling confident that U.S withdrawal from Afgan would be “secure and orderly” but now it seems like he has more than an egg on his face, he has Americans hiding and fearing for their lives!

We watched in horror as Afghan people who were so desperate to leave when we pulled out, that they were literally trying to hang onto the sides of the military planes leaving, trying desperately to grab and cling to anything they could. Then, the real horror was watching them fall from the plane once it was in the air. I sat there and just stared at the TV watching this unfold. We all should be mad about this. These people, some of which helped us in the war against the Taliban were left at the airport. If you haven’t ever seen people in a panic, this is exactly what it looks like in the Video. This is why the title of my post is, “Why you should be as angry about Joe Biden’s presidency as I am!!” It’s so disturbing what the President did. I understand and, yes, we needed to get out of Afghanistan. We should have learned a lesson about fighting someone else’s civil war. We have a blueprint to go by, and It’s named Vietnam. We have seen how fast Afghanistan fell to the Taliban. We were the ones fighting a civil war for the Afghans. Even after training the Afghanistan military forces for 20 years, they still just gave up and ran, or either just joined the Taliban. That’s my personal thoughts.

God Bless America, God Bless The Veterans

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