Alabama Taking The Upper hand On Covid 19

Image by Silas Camargo Silão from Pixabay

Our ICU beds are filling up and COVID-19 cases are projected to surge in the weeks ahead. Doctors and Alabama health officials are rushing to ramp up access to a life-saving intervention called monoclonal antibody treatment. The only way to treat this condition is with ICU Beds, “This is the golden goose, okay, this is what we need, and we’ve got a short window to get these people treated,” said Dr. David Thrasher, a pulmonologist from Montgomery.

“This is the golden goose,” said Dr. David Thrasher, a pulmonologist from Montgomery. “This is what we need, and we’ve got a short window to get these people treated. This is the only thing in COVID that I’ve seen that is not controversial and doesn’t have side effects, and I think it would be really great if we could use this.” After being informed they tested positive for COVID, Alabamians over the age of 12 with a body mass index of about 25 are eligible for this treatment, which takes about two hours.

The next thing is to understand what happens when children under the age of 12 test positive for COVID. When will they have access to this treatment? The concept that we follow is, “One patient, one medical record”. In other words, for every person that we treat, we can hopefully prevent them from being hospitalized, and hopefully, prevent complications from COVID. And if this treatment works, will it become one of the treatments for COVID or will it hit a brick wall because of big pharma?

The people of Florida suffering from the corvid 19 virus will be relieved to know that treatment may be on the horizon. Doctors are working day and night to find new ways to battle the virus. There is a chance this treatment protocol using monoclonal antibodies will be successful. However, the Governor of Florida is hesitant to try this medical breakthrough due to fear that it is too unsafe for the general public; he may also deny funding for further research. Our physicians have been deployed to camps of hunger and thirst, we have provided doctors for patients who are sick due to preventable diseases, and we have even opened up our private hospitals to provide free treatment to needy patients.

The time has come for the Biden administration to respond to this very important public health issue. What will they say about the new treatment? Will they go ahead and say this treatment is good? We need more infusion centers at Jackson Hospital and Baptist Medical Center in Montgomery, where 51 people receive monoclonal antibody treatments a day, seven days a week. We would like to increase that number to 100 treatments a day. What can the federal government do to help physicians with this?”

God Bless America, God Bless The Veterans

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