Big Money Interest In Washington Has To Go

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A dark cloud of contention hangs over Washington – a disease that has infected every single decision-maker. I’m talking about the stench of corruption. When is the last time you truly trusted your representative or senator?

They all have ulterior motives and are more concerned about getting re-elected than representing their state or district. Lobbyists are the catalyst behind most (if not all) of this madness.

The reason we don’t see any big changes being made is that they won’t allow it. It’s imperative to get rid of lobbying, once and for all, to ensure society remains a healthy place to live, work, and enjoy life. We face a number of problems as a country. Our debt. Our economy.

Global warming. Terrorism. But there are two problems we also should address: the role of money in politics, and election reform. This campaign is about getting Washington to work for us, not for lobbyists and special interests who make big contributions, hire well-placed friends, and get government handouts. With ever-growing amounts of corruption, one can only imagine how hard it is to make real changes that benefit the people. There is no party affiliation here – the only thing we’re fighting for is our right to live with dignity and honesty.

This makes it impossible to please everyone, but when one considers it from a point of view free from partisanship, it’s easy to see that the lives of many Americans will be greatly improved if the lobbying industry were to simply disappear. As we look to the future, it is necessary to understand that all decisions made today will have an effect on tomorrow. The issues that are being tackled in Washington do not have one answer; they’re rooted in complex problems. Many things need to happen, but only one thing needs to be done – lobby reform. We’re fighting to get Washington working for us again by cleaning up the mess in our government.

We’re working to get things back on track and keep our country running strong. A lot of people are talking about Washington being broken. It is, but we don’t have to accept it. We can create a better tomorrow that works for us and our families, not the insiders who want to control and manipulate us. Democrats would love to have a Socialism country but I say long live Capitalism. It’s what makes the country grow in wealth.

I have been awakened and now I see where the Democrats had me under their spell. Being on disability opened my eyes to the freeloaders among our people, and I don’t like it. I’m on disability because of Breathing Problems (COPD). I always thought the government was great to protect someone like me but I realized that the government is not good. It’s time to write about it.

I also want to enlighten others who may have been blinded by the Democrats as well. They were hiding the dirty, stinking little secrets, and now is the time to set them straight. Democrats are liars! This blog post is not for everyone. This blog is not for those who like to bury their head in the sand, ignore whoever is claiming victimhood, and pretend that we are all equal in every way imaginable.

This site is about truth-seeking truth. I want to get as much truth out there to help others that are in the trance I was in. I’m writing this to them because I know they are seeking the truth. There’s a place for those who are extending love to everyone, but this blog post isn’t it. Often times we have to look at things realistically and fairly. I don’t want us to go astray because of sentimental feelings.

God Bless America, God Bless The Veterans


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