Can America Be Trusted TO Help Those Who Help Us?

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Does President Biden think the American people don’t care about these Afgan interpreters who helped keep our soldiers safe? Does he think there will be no political drawback from this? Can America be trusted to help those who helped us? After asking them for their service and leaving thousands of interpreters there, we have not honored our promise that they would come with us.

The United States promised to bring up thousands of interpreters who helped us during the war in Afghanistan, but it has failed. America found itself on a moral high ground after supporting opponents of Taliban rule and Al-Qaeda terrorism for over 10 years while they cooperated with the US military overseas.

Although America was not able to take out all terrorists due to poor intelligence resources, these allies were left behind when we pulled our troops from Iraq because there is no clear path back into the country without risking one’s life or being killed by insurgents near where they live After promising them safe passage home if their service continued until 2014, many translators are still waiting as violence spreads across Syria and other countries that provide refuge for those fleeing conflict zones. Did America keep its word?

Thousands of interpreters were promised safety in the States after helping us. But has Trump dragged his feet on this promise, leaving them to fend for themselves while we’re living a life with relative security and peace back home? Can America be trusted to help those who helped us? After asking them for their service and leaving thousands of interpreters there, we have not honored our promise that they would come with us. President Biden’s recent comments about the Afghan interpreters who helped keep our soldiers safe have sparked a new debate.

On one hand, while some people believe this is an unfair dismissal of those who put themselves in harm’s way for America, others argue that it isn’t realistic to provide protection indefinitely and point out how expensive such efforts can be. In light of President Obama’s decision not to send any more troops into Afghanistan after 2014, many Afghans are left wondering what will happen if they continue cooperating with U.S./NATO forces once we leave? There is a lot of speculation surrounding the mainstream media’s reaction to President Biden pulling out of Afghanistan.

Democrats are already making excuses for his decision and calling it “no big deal.” Republicans, on the other hand, seem eager to exploit this as an opportunity to attack him politically. It remains unclear how much coverage will be given in the coming weeks by all networks but one thing we know for sure – there definitely won’t be any shortage of analysis from politicians about what went wrong here or who should have anticipated such a move would result in disaster before it happened!

As the war in Afghanistan winds down and American troops return home, there are troubling signs that many Afghan soldiers will be killed by their own countrymen for supporting our side. For Americans to win this thing we need every ally from all aspects of civil life pulling together on one team; but with so-called “news” outlets like CNN airing trailers touting some other conflict while ignoring those who risked everything to help us at a time when we needed them most, is it any wonder why people get frustrated?


      It’s now being reported that the Pentagon will begin airlifting  5,000 to 9,00 Afghans out of Afghanistan. We will be keeping an eye on this move. Our government has a history of not telling the truth to the people. What will make a big difference is, will the mainstream Media keep the story alive? They will do anything to protect the left.

God Bless America, God Save The Veterans

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