Fear Of Being Executed

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Fox News is reporting that an American mom trapped by Taliban describes horrific violence, and pleads for Biden to solve the evacuation crisis. Fox News reported that an American woman(Also a Mom) is trapped in a terrifying place under Taliban control.  She stated that she had seen a man shot in the head that was with her at a Taliban checkpoint and another time she herself was whipped by a Taliban fighter. This is Horrible hearing stories like this.

Terrorists never change color, they are as black as can be ( My use of color has nothing to do with racism, but describes how evil terrorists are).

We have been through enough to know we should just move into the area and take what we want, meaning our people. The Taliban may be feeling strong at the moment, but I have a feeling we will meet again. Remember the Iran – Contra Affair. They too were terrified they would be put to death. Everyone should know about the Iran -Contra Affair to see why we don’t negotiate with terrorists. If you believe that I have a nice big bridge to sell you. It was so big of a deal, Congress acted as if we sold a nuclear bomb to someone to get the Hostages freed.

I believe they did what they had to to get our American people home. The Democrats who were in charge of both the Senate and the House just wanted to go after their political opponents the Republicans. I wonder, what would Joe Biden have done to bring the Hostages home had he been President then? We already see how he handled the Afghanistan pull-out. The Biden administration needs to act fast and I do mean fast, or there is a possibility we will have more American hostages if the Taliban decides to pull the plug on our rescue plans.

This Mom is so terrified I wouldn’t rule out she has even thought of that while fearing she would be murdered by the Taliban and not see her kids again. She pleaded with the President “Please, Mr. President, please evacuate us. We need help.” We should never hear anyone pleading with our President to come and get us. We have long let these countries take our American brothers and sisters and put them on trial and send them to prison. I get so damn mad when I think about that or even see it on the news. America needs to stretch its arm and be the most powerful nation on earth.

We have the ability to just go in and target who we have to. Well, I say use that skill against a country that takes an American and tries to railroad them in a Kanguru court and use that skill to demonstrate we want our Brother or Sister back NOW. It would probably not play out well in the beginning, but I’m sure the next one to be targeted wouldn’t be quite so hesitant to release an American. No country in the world wants to go to war with the US. That would be really stupid on their part.

God Bless America, God Bless The Veterans

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