Governor Abbott Stands Up To Democrats And For The Unborn

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Governor Greg Abbott vowed today that the new Texas Abortion law SB8 will stand, despite efforts by Democrats to block it in court. He stated that the bill was not unconstitutional and that he looked forward to standing up to the Democrats who are fighting to make abortion legal in all 50 states even late-term abortions when the baby can feel pain. The governor also said he expected other governors in red states would follow his lead and make their own pro-life bills when they met in December to discuss state legislation coming up in 2018.

Austin, TX – Governor Greg Abbott stood up for life at a Texas Republican Convention on Saturday, vowing that he would fight any effort by Democrat state lawmakers to overturn Senate Bill 8. We will not tolerate, under any circumstances, disrespecting life, he told his fellow Republicans. We will continue to value life in Texas; we won’t be bullied; we won’t be pushed around; we won’t be intimidated by anyone! Not now. Not ever! I made you a promise that I am going to work with every ounce of energy, every moment of my time as governor, as attorney general before that, to protect pre-born babies from being aborted by their own mothers.

It was a bold statement from a man who has been billed as more moderate than some other GOP leaders because of his support for gay rights and enforcement of President Obama’s executive order protecting some illegal immigrants from deportation. But it seems likely to play well with conservatives in a big election year when many states will consider similar laws restricting abortion access. And it represents an evolution from comments he made last summer when Abbott suggested GOP senators were wrong to force a debate over an abortion bill so quickly after they’d been sworn into office following large GOP gains in November 2014 elections.

In January 2015, Abbot pledged personal opposition to abortions — including those resulting from rape or incest — but said forcing political opposition onto millions of Texans is just bad policy that makes zero sense. They made it abundantly clear to me…that they wanted no part of the government making decisions about women’s health care decisions…To tell all people in all walks of life what they must do, even if one believes it is right, goes against our traditions here in America. A lot can change between July and January. As Democrats hold strong majorities among minority voters, Democrats are leading most polls for top races. Then again maybe the new S8 law isn’t unconstitutional?

The US supreme court approved restrictions on legal abortion within limits compatible with Roe v Wade’s ruling currently fetal viability 20 weeks post conception. So let us see how far Democrats go to take away your freedom of choice. To quote former vice president Dick Cheney says he is very comfortable with a controversial late-term abortion ban that is facing an uphill battle in Congress. If there’s a possibility of legality, he said. I think that there ought to be some respect for life.

When asked whether he’d advise a mother to have an abortion or should she want to give birth and allow her child to die, he replied: I can’t answer that question. But we shouldn’t be putting any obstacles in her way of having that kind of decision made by herself and her doctor. I believe that as a heart matter, as a gut matter, as an issue of conscience…I think it is important for us to respect life. Of course, abortion advocates disagreed with his statements because it interferes with their political agenda.

God Bless America, God Bless The Veterans

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