How Much More Blood Will Biden Get On His Hands?

Image by David Mark at Pixabay
Everyone knew this was going to happen. It was not a case of if, it was a case of when. We now know the when answer. Today August 8, 2021, 12 American Soldiers lost their lives from bombs. Joe Biden has these soldiers’ blood on his hands. His idiotic move of getting our troops out of Afghanistan before getting our people out has consequences of this nature, our troops being killed by suicide bombers. Biden lacks the will and backbone to do what needs to be done. The Taliban has proven it can not protect anything, they can’t even get control of Afghanistan.

      How will Biden approach these brave soldiers’ families and husbands or wives? Will he say I’m sorry your loved ones died because I made a political judgment?. Will Biden widen the perimeter out so that we can guard against this as we continue to evacuate our people? Will, he let the Taliban bully him? As long as we have Presidents with no backbone to do not what is right, but what is always needed to guarantee respect for the United States this sort of thing will always happen. I may not be an expert on military matters and I shouldn’t have to be because I am An American who loves and cares for not just my country, but for the men and women who protect me from our enemies.

China is starting to lose all respect for us as for Putin, he is as much a coward as any. He wants to make the world think he is a superpower that can take on the Us, when in fact he would get a serious *(&^ whipping trying. Getting back to Joe Biden here he is again starting his remarks off with what the Democrats would call (Tell the people what a wonderful job we’re doing with the evacuations). You can’t make this up. President Biden ( I use the term very loosely) is giving his remarks on what happened with the Terrorist bombing and telling of his Son serving. Who cares about that, tell us what you are going to do to retaliate. I just can’t watch anymore of it.

As An American, My heart goes out to those families who lost their loved ones to this terrorist bomber. If I could speak to Joe Biden I would have to ask him when the day comes that we have to re-enter Afghanistan, (we all know one day we will) Why did you leave all our equipment and weapons There worth with Billions of dollars that belong to the taxpayers what then. Don’t you realize that those weapons will be used against our forces? Why didn’t you get all our war stuff out of there and bomb the bases leaving nothing behind that could or would be used against our military?

Don’t you see the Taliban walking around wearing our uniforms and carrying our weapons with a smile? What would he say to me? I have no idea, but maybe he would begin to tell me what such a good job he and the Democrats did evacuate Americans and afghans, that seems to be his way of deflecting what a complete blunder he created. When the day comes that we have to re-enter Afghanistan, it’s not a question of will we, but a question of when I hope we have A Republican President who has the backbone to do what needs to be done. God Bless America and God save the troops.

God Bless America, God Bless The Veterans

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