Islamic State poses a real Threat To Americans Still In Afghanistan

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Like I said in a post earlier, Americans are in real danger and we need to just go in and take them out. I don’t think the Taliban wants to fool with us while they are celebrating.

They would be fools to do so. Air support is just a radio call away. It’s time for America to show its power. It is now being reported that the Islamic State is now posing a serious threat to Americans in Afghanistan.

WASHINGTON—The U.S. warned that Islamic State poses a threat to Americans in Afghanistan as the Biden administration seeks to evacuate thousands of U.S. citizens and Afghan allies.

“The threat is real. It is acute. It is persistent. And it is something we are focused on with every tool in our arsenal,” Jake Sullivan, President Biden’s national security adviser, told CNN on Sunday when asked whether crowds at the Kabul international airport are vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

As reported the President spoke from the white house saying the US knows that terrorists may look to exploit this situation going on right now. We all know these terrorists will try anything to harm American Troops and American citizens along with the Afghan people who are trying to escape Afghanistan. How will the Biden Administration handle this if they were to attack us? We can’t just call in air support and kill our own people in the process of retaliating. at some point and time, we may have to send in more troops. Will President Biden be willing to escalate things again?

Islamic State is just one of many terrorist groups in Afghanistan, each with its own relationship to the Taliban. The Taliban had harbored Al Qaeda before they committed terroristic actions against America in 2001 and reports have surfaced that as they gain control over the country this month, prisoners who were incarcerated by the group for being affiliated with al-Qaeda are now free.

It seems as if it will always be us fighting terrorism, not just today but for the foreseeable future. Whether we face ISIS or another terrorist group in America’s interests to fight until they are completely eradicated from our world and there is no chance of them ever resurfacing again- even after a defeat on their homeland soil.

It would seem that some politicians might show mercy to terrorists who have infiltrated society by taking hostages into hiding places like schools and hospitals (as seen with the Boston Marathon bombings) because collateral damage may occur when trying to attack those locations; however, I would hope this doesn’t happen again given what happened last time- you never know how many more people could die at any moment during an airstrike than one person being killed while

I am in no way an expert at fighting any type of war. These are my personal feelings. I remember my son and I were watching Tv and when we watched those two planes crash crash into the twin towers, my son was crying as an eleven old he looked so angry. He turned and looked at me and said, “Kill them all every last one of them. I answered him saying you can’t do that there will be innocent people dying. His reply once again was, kill all of them I don’t care just bomb them all to death. That was twenty years ago and he still feels the same way. I think I changed my views on that. I’m beginning to think that way.

God Bless America, God Bless The Veterans

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