It’s Been Reported The Taliban Has Started Executing People Who Worked With The US

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The Taliban have been going house-to-house in Afghanistan, hanging people who worked with the US military and their allies.

A source told Afghan news outlet Tolonews that this has become a common practice for those living near major cities like Jalalabad or Kabul to avoid suspicion from neighbors as government forces take over more of the countryside.

The killings are not limited to civilians but also include members of insurgent groups such as ISIS and al Qaeda affiliates, all seen by locals as enemies due to their brutality against fellow Afghans during fights for territory across Pashtun areas.

“As the U.S. military and State Department rush to evacuate American citizens and Afghan allies from Kabul’s airport, they are faced with Taliban checkpoints cutting off many people – especially those who helped them over the years- from freedom and safety, as reports on the ground indicate militants summarily executing these individuals in order to send a message of fear across Afghanistan. Ryan Rogers is a retired Marine sergeant who served in Afghanistan during the 2010 bloody battle of Marjah.

He told Fox News Thursday that he has not heard from his interpreter, whom he worked with on several missions and also trained to be an Afghan commando himself back when they were both alive before this war started killing them off one by one. The Taliban are now looking for him because as soon as civilians know what’s going down they run like hell—but Ryan says it will all have been worth it if just once more we can hear each other scream “Allahu Akbar!”

      “I said, hey did you see any of this stuff with your eyes? He said yes,” Rogers recounted. “They’re not showing all the footage because people are cheering and celebrating their freedom from oppression but they’re scared to death about what’s going on in these houses.”

      The State Department said Thursday that they had received a “small handful” of reports from Americans who were unable to reach the airport.

The spokesman also noted that though U.S officials are aware of claims made by interpreters and former Afghan military officers, he could not confirm their veracity as it has been difficult for US authorities to investigate these types of crimes in Afghanistan’s current security climate. As the Taliban has swept across Afghanistan, military personnel have been caught in a conflict between life or death. The promise of protection and food is no longer enough to keep some from turning themselves over to the enemy forces. And for those who are still fighting, new video shows armed insurgents firing bullets into Kabul’s streets as they try desperately to stop their advance on control of this war-torn country

The past two weeks have not been easy ones for Afghan civilians with militias coming close every day towards taking complete power within these once peaceful borders: executing surrendered soldiers and shooting at any sign that may oppose them along Kabul’s high street just last night alone (Fox News). Republican Rep. Brad Wenstrup, who is also an Army Reserve officer and a combat veteran of Iraq War I, laments that the U.S.’s moral standing in the world has been lost due to Trump’s decision not to release CIA interrogation tapes from 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad’s interrogations; he believes it will make America look weak when many other countries around the globe are looking down on us with anger for what we did as well as fear over our future decisions because they depend largely on how this administration handles terrorism following these actions.”

Wenstrup pointed to bipartisan legislation passed months ago designed to lessen the red tape U.S. allies would need to exit the country as the American military withdrew, but unfortunately, people were left stranded and then abandoned by our government anyway due to rushed withdrawal of troops that was planned without consulting them first in what could be seen as a selfish move on behalf of America leading up towards 2020 election or just really bad planning all-around The Taliban are going “house to house” in Afghanistan, according to a source. They’re reportedly hanging people who worked with the US after they took over Kunduz city last year. It’s not clear if this is taking place all across Afghanistan or just in Kunduz. This story has been updated as more information became available.

God Bless America, God Bless The Veterans

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