Joe Bidens Blame Game

Image by Tibor Janosi Mozes from Pixabay

As the Biden administration faces yet another self-imposed crisis, they are once again falling on their favorite talking point: blame anyone but us. He once said; We are faced with a choice,” Biden said. “We can blame others and scapegoat.

But ultimately it does not change the reality of what’s happened and we are responsible in large measure for what is happening today in the world.

That’s a more complex analysis than are our friends in the Republican Party.” So now I guess that’s out the door right? Blame the other guy.

What we are looking for is the truth. No matter what it is, we are going to have to address it. And if we can’t address it, then we are not going to be able to deal with it. We’re not going to be able to solve the problem and move forward. It’s been almost seven months since President Biden took office. In that time, he has made quick work of reversing dozens of President Trump’s policies and positions, including Remain in Mexico, the asylum cooperation agreements with Central American countries, the Paris climate deal, and the Iran nuclear deal.

It was clearly political and not remotely based on the situation on the ground nor our national security interests. Not only because he chose the 20th anniversary of 9/11 for the withdrawal date – a move that likely caused the terrorists that targeted us to celebrate another victory – but also because he decided to fulfill one of his key promises before even taking office! Ambassador Crocker and REP. BRIAN MAST were not the only people sounding the alarm. Republicans, Democrats, and security experts all joined national security experts to plead with President Biden to ensure this withdrawal did not result in another Saigon.

The US – Taliban agreement was still in place as recently as 2014 even though the group had completely failed to hold up their side of the bargain. “The U.S. government is not interested in seeing peace talks stall, and will continue to engage with the Taliban in order to ensure that political space exists for the Taliban to pursue peace.” This article sums up the main points that emphasize the absurdity of following a strictly conditions-based approach with terrorist groups such as the Taliban, which will only serve to embolden and strengthen them. Countries like Russia, China, Pakistan, and Iran are directly or indirectly supporting these terrorist groups as well as other jihadist groups and are in no rush to bring their proxies into the mainstream political process.

The White House, the State Department, and the President of the United States all painted a rosy picture based on a pipedream of peace negotiations. The State Department and President Biden himself repeatedly assured us that the Afghan military was “better trained, better equipped, and more competent in terms of conducting war” than the Taliban. We know that the American people aren’t fooled. They know the president is attempting to shift the blame to anyone besides himself, including by blaming the very Afghans they abandoned. And yet, President Biden failed to address the pleas for him to take action, failed to put together a strategy to ensure we could get Americans and our partners out, and failed to adequately prepare for what everyone but him seemed to know was coming. This is without a doubt, a darker day in History.

God Bless America, God bless The Veterans


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