Let The Sanctions Begin (Florida)

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The Florida Board of Education voted Tuesday to sanction two public school districts for defying Gov. Ron DeSantis’ order banning mask mandates in schools.

In a statement announcing the decision, the state said it was acting in coordination with the Florida Department of Health, which filed suit against the St. Johns County School District and the Duval County Public School District on Friday for defying Gov. DeSantis’ order.

The state claims that the schools “have been at least tenaciously violating the governor’s executive order and unilaterally implementing their own policies regarding student masks or facepieces” instead of suspending their mask mandates.

The Florida Department of Public Health has issued a caution to the Department of Education for allowing school districts to mandate masks among students and staff. On Thursday, the department voted unanimously to issue the caution despite repeated urging from lawmakers and health practitioners not to dissuade districts from taking protective measures against the spread of the respiratory virus. The DeSantis administration contends that the Alachua and Broward county public school districts do not allow parents to freely opt their children out of the mask mandate, instead of requiring doctor’s notes for students to bypass masking.

The requirement for a doctor’s note is just the tip of the spear when it comes to opting out of masking. There are procedures schools are imposing that prevent parents from opting out at all, and we intend to stop these practices as well. Vaccinations are used to prevent diseases such as measles, mumps, chicken pox, and polio. While these might sound harmless, they can be deadly. Vaccines have also been credited with eliminating diseases such as smallpox and completely wiping out the polio virus in the United States, making vaccines one of modern medicine’s greatest achievements. The delta variant, which hit Florida hard, with coronavirus cases and hospitalizations reaching record highs.

The state had recorded nearly 3 million cases and more than 41,000 deaths throughout the pandemic as of Tuesday, according to NBC News counts. DeSantis, widely viewed as a possible 2024 Republican presidential contender, was one of several governors who signed laws or executive orders banning mask mandates.  The common justification for the bans is that they aid public safety and allow police to identify criminal suspects. But a POLITICO review found no evidence that the laws make anyone safer, and instead found that they lead to a period of chaos among police departments and can undermine their trust with minority communities at a time of increased violence toward law enforcement.

In 48 states, some of the children are still not vaccinated. With so many cases of Covid-19 reported, there is simply no way that it can be done safely. The risk-taking kids and teens are facing a pandemic in America. The one-state from the list above that is not on lockdown allows students to enter schools as long as they have a card they take from or are identified to the school’s secretary or office staff.

These workers are expected, somehow, to figure out who has been exposed to Covid-19 and who hasn’t.” In closing, In case anyone is not aware, there currently is a lot of controversy about the safety of the measles vaccine. A little over a year ago (2019), Andrew Wakefield — who is the main proponent of the idea that vaccines cause autism — was officially disbarred from practicing medicine by the General Medical Council. Also, Brian Hooker received an $80,000 grant to study the effect on children who are given the MMR vaccine and develop autism; but one has to wonder if he will publish his results after seeing how they turned out.

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