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Now Is The Time To Make A Change

Posted on August 28, 2021, by michael Cavalier – Managing Editor

      Truth Seeking Truth is a political commentary website with a mission to promote the concept of seeking truth. I am, how can put this? I think excited is a good start on how I feel now that I have been looking with my eyes wide open and hearing, well, that is a really hard one. Just as I wrote about the direction I would be going in now,(Conditioned Or Brainwahsed?) I have chosen To go in the direction of the Republican party. This decision, just like I wrote about in one of my many other articles(not all about this specific subject) which I was being taught (Is a nice way of putting being Conditioned at a very young age) to actually believe that the Republican party was pure evil.

      I was also taught that the Republican party was interested in making sure only a few people out of the multitude of people (I’m sure it was a few hundred thousand people or more, just so you don’t think I actually believe just a few) which of their choosing would actually profit off of the way of being good little Republican followers and of course let us not forget also like good little Indians, and fall in line with the Republican way of thinking. Democrats (I speak about this with living proof) Always start with the talk about how their base is owed something. They always start out with, “The rich must pay their fair share of taxes”. This of course is but just one of their war battle cries. You can hear this battle cry all across the United States. Anyone knows it is the wealthy that create jobs and if you were to tax too high they would, in turn, have to lay people off from their job due to pay issues.

      Numbers can be very confusing and can also be very damaging if read wrong. In other words, Democrats use numbers to confuse their base. Just because someone has a crazy amount of wealth, which people will say, “They have more money than they need, or could ever spend if they could live five more lifetimes”. That was basically the way I thought about the wealthy too. I was so intertwined to think just what the Democrats wanted me to think, that I wasn’t really thinking on my own. I was so used to them making decisions for me ( I was of course I was the one making these decisions) that whatever they were pushing I backed. I used the term loosely, “I’m an Independent, not A Democrat or Republican.

      I had those who would always accuse me of just that. Being a Democrat and not an Independent. We are now living in the day and age of technology. We have what we use every time we get on our PC, use the phone, and in some cases the TV. we can easily get on the web and go to our social media platform ( The one we choose) and start with politics made easy. We need to reach out to those who are doing just what I was doing, Following, and not actually knowing the truth. With the help of a couple of friends, and starting over with friendships which are real friendships now and not just on my friend’s list…lol… What that actually means is this, I apologized to a few of these friends that were on my friend’s list just for the sake of having them on my friends, accepted my apology.

      With the exception of one (1) who I really respect tell me that he gladly wiped the slate clean because his exact words to me were, It takes a lot ( A big man) to apologize to anyone that he understood and wiped the slate clean. We need to continue to push for the truth no matter where that truth may lead us. We’re not talking about changes that are small, but these changes that are big and very serious. The Democrats want to take the country, and head in the direction of Socialism. Socialism isn’t going to work. Republicans want to keep in the direction of Capitalism. Capitalism helps the country grow. Let us just keep with the good fight to stop Democrats from turning this country into a Socialism country.

God Bless America, God Bless The Veterans

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