Politics, What A Dangerous Machine

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In the past, politics has been a dangerous force in the dark. Well, now it’s come into the light and is at front center stage. Politics have driven everything that our representatives do from what they base their decisions to who benefits or not from those decisions.

This political machine was powerful but hidden behind shadowed layers of bureaucracy until recently when finally Democrats came out as members upfront with Republicans following close by too engaging actively in all kinds of activities- both good & bad for US citizens such as making voting easier which can benefit them even though some still think it’s hard regardless if there are more obstacles than before! The power granted through sheer numbers only enhances influence over time toward goals set forth…

I think politics have oftentimes been viewed as them having to do with dirtiness due to its association with money since lots of folks believe these individuals seeking positions will be exclusively concerned about gaining more control over things instead. In turn, this means the general population views on any individual hoping for some kind of career inside government is normally going to be fairly jaded from before when all they knew about most leaders ended up like him or her wanting anything but actually doing what would make their country better for everyone.

Walter Russell Meade has postulated an interesting set of definitions for the American political landscape, at least as far as the foreign policy arena goes. Rather than using the traditional left/right, Democratic/Republican models, he’s worked out four schools of “American” foreign policy thought, named after influential American statesmen who epitomize the principles of those schools. In brief, they are:-         Jacksonian–         Hamiltonian–         Jeffersonian–         Wilsonian Read More

I have been a Democrat my whole life. But when I started to do some research, it became clear that Democrats are just in it for the votes and power. They want more government so they can get ahead on all of the entitlements given out by our country (such as food stamps). Eventually, this leads us down an unfortunate path towards socialism where we neglect those who need help most – people with no one else supporting them financially or emotionally because their families were lost due to these financial decisions made throughout history.

If we could find a way to address the needs of just these groups, then those who are poor and elderly along with veterans would benefit. I think Republicans have better plans in place for this than Democrats do. As much as members within parties don’t agree on everything, it’s true that no party has complete agreement from every member either – which is something more common among Democrats than Republicans.

That said though, my political views lean toward Republican ideals rather like Lincoln himself believed in what he stood for; Capitalistic values drive our economy into prosperity so that others may follow suit gaining wealth without having to work too hard or long doing nothing productive at all really while getting by free-of-charge across board health care benefits included! When will this machine be brought under control??

God Bless America, God Bless The Veterans

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