Well, this is interesting. Russia, China, Iran, and Pakistan are all standing against us now.

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Interesting. We thought the world was working together to combat ISIS, but we stand alone against this newly formed alliance of nations (which is led by Iran).

Depending on who you asked, this new move by Russia to become entrenched in Afghanistan could be seen as a positive or a negative outcome.

The Biden administration had to analyze the potential behind the move and determine their next steps. It is still not certain what their official stance on the matter will be. The United States is currently evaluating the role Russia wants to play in Afghanistan.

It is still too early to tell if the administration will approve of the move. The Vice President’s office has released a statement stating that it “welcomes direct engagement from the Kremlin on this important issue” while cautioning that this does not seem to be a side of Russia with which we are familiar. Though Putin’s actions are sure to stir some controversy, some see him as a reliable ally, whereas others believe that Russia is trying to resurrect the Cold War.

The White House is still looking for an official stance on the matter. China and the United States are both actively looking for a political transition in the Afghanistan region. In order to have peace in the long term, fair elections are an important part of that solution and China has supported that idea from the beginning. So why might China be interested in supporting the Taliban? As conventional warfare continues to dissolve, terrorist groups will become increasingly more effective and relevant. As a relatively new superpower, China is definitely looking to take advantage of a group that could ultimately give them more influence in the region.

The coalition of the United States – and its allies—continue to wonder why Iran extending its hand to the Taliban? In this context, what good could come out of this? This is a legitimate question, but my answers are based on a hunch. The more important questions in this regard should be: What is the goal of the United States in Afghanistan? What is its main mission there? Is it fighting terrorism, or does it have another hidden agenda? These questions can only be answered with the answer to one simple question:

Why does the US government continue to stay in Afghanistan? While we are distracted by the shiny toys that our governments give us in return for our submission, we may have failed to notice that the only ones who would benefit from Pakistan de-escalating tensions with the Taliban are the Taliban. Pakistani officials have been under constant pressure from the U.S. to not only join the war on terror but go a step further and take military action against the “good Taliban” in its backyard.

Pakistan has been cautious about taking such drastic action, which could potentially destabilize it even more, due to its own complex history with militant groups, and the constant threat India poses to its sovereignty. Pakistan’s desire to keep its border with Afghanistan peaceful is understandable: it simply cannot afford to have a continued military presence in a foreign country. I just hope and pray the Biden Administration is capable and ready to go right back to war. We now have another enemy who has already attacked us on 9/11. 

God Bless America, God Save The Veterans

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