What About The Veterans?

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I want to take the time to say I am very passionate about our Veterans. Without them where would we be? Every day we hear about murders and racism. Now we have fighting going on in our Congress and nothing is getting done.

We have now ended the war in Afghanistan, so I ask again what about the Veterans. Will the military start to put our soldiers out of the military now that the war is over?

So many questions and no answers. Democrats as well as some Republicans always begin their re-election bid with, We are going to help the veterans. Really? We still have so many veterans living on the street homeless.

We have the Democrats wanting to pass a three trillion-dollar infrastructure bill while we have homeless veterans living on the street and this includes Vietnam veterans. We have Veterans who have served 3 or more tours of duty. They get paid pennies while our congress members make 174,000 thousand dollars a year. I say pay the congress members what our military makes and see how many want to serve the people as they say. With all the taxpayer’s money being sort after by Democrats, why not use a few billion dollars to help the homeless Veterans? I don’t see any of them making a move to do just that.

Why not pay off a veteran’s home? I’m sure they can come up with something of that sort. They can take the veterans who served 4 or more tours of duty and pay their homes off or give them the money to buy a home. For those who didn’t serve 4 or more tours, why not give them enough money to pay for their homes. If I can think of this, a mere American who actually cares about our veterans then I’m sure they can come up with something. I get so tired of them saying the American people want this or that. Really? I was never asked anything.

We have so many veterans committing suicide it’s shame on congress’s part. They don’t do anything for them, but when election time rolls around they want to say (Lie, Lie, Lie) they are going to do so much for them. How they can live with themselves I never understood until now. They are more worried about power and the prestige that comes with their title. We need to get more war veterans in congress. Hopefully, they can make a difference. I get overheated under the collar when I think how Veterans are living on the street, and I live in comfort here in my little hole in the wall.

This I guess would be my first article on our Veterans. I’m going to be doing a few part series on our Veterans. I say our veterans because they are everyone’s problem. Without them would we be speaking English? Without them would we be doing what we want? Without them would our children be safe? There are many questions I can ask, and I’m going to be answering some of them in the next part of “What About Our Veterans”. Each of those questions deserves an answer. One by one we will do an article on each one. God Bless America. God Save The Veterans.

God Bless America, God Bless The Veterans

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