Will The US Keep Its Word On The Evacuation Effort of Afghans?

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The American government’s word has always been its bond. We have taken a solemn oath to do what is right and just, no matter the political cost. But in Afghanistan, we are facing an uncomfortable question: will we keep our word?

The US-led coalition forces have promised to help with the evacuation of Afghans from Kabul during any future Taliban offensive on the city. However, some worry that there is not enough time left for this promise to be fulfilled.

And so they ask themselves: can America afford a broken promise in Afghanistan? The United States can not afford to break this very important promise. We have to show our allies we will fulfill our promises because our word is our bond.

That’s how I actually live my life. I may not be rich, but there is something I do have that no one can take away from me, and that is my word. I was told this at a young age. If you break your word, then you have lost everything that makes you who you are. When it comes to promises, we can’t afford to break them. I live my life by the guidelines that if you don’t keep your word, then you’ve lost everything that makes up who you are; and as a country of people with promise, this is unacceptable. When our allies see us living out what we say—making good on those words– they will know how important their friendship really means because “our word” will be worth something again.”

A staffer for Senator Tom Cotton, Republican, Ark. Said today (Friday) that The situation was changing rapidly on the ground. The staffer was part of a team effort by Senator Tom Cotton’s office to help both, Americans, and afghans get out of Afghanistan. Senator Cotton is also a veteran of both wars, Afghanistan, and Iraq. As night fell on Kabul with an urgency several urgent operations are being carried out by staff at the US embassy there including efforts to connect wounded or ill American citizens with military personnel stationed within city limits; “We’re trying hard,” says one staffer speaking anonymously due to their lack of authorization though he added that so far they’ve managed help dozens leave while managing another few hundred others’ needs yet.” The Taliban has already begun to break their word. There are Images showing them using Gunfire, whips, and clubs then again who knows what they are willing to use to control thousands of, mostly Afghans from getting to the airport.

“I have personally been on the phone with multiple American citizens and Afghan allies *while* they were being beaten and threatened by Taliban fighters blocking the route to the airport,” tweeted Matthew Downer, a staffer for Senator Tom Cotton.

      Of those Americans and Afghans who were actually very lucky to make it past the Taliban checkpoints then had to contend with, and then begin their battle of getting through the packed crowds of Afghans, who were also trying to get through the few US military-controlled airport gates to their safety. There are Videos showing gunfire just outside the airport stampedes at the gates and even desperate Afghans trying to deliver their young children to safety by any means necessary – including throwing or handing some over barbed-wire fences. It is very chaotic in Afghanistan right at this moment. How much longer will the Taliban permit the US to get Americans and Afghans out of the country without any trouble (Military wise) from them?

The question remains, will they start killing Americans or Afghans who are trying to get out of the country? If they do, will this mean another war with them? As the US begins to withdraw from Afghanistan, it is unclear how much longer they will be able to get Americans and Afghans out of the country without any trouble (Military wise) from them. The Taliban are not happy with this decision, so what do you think? Will they start killing Americans or Afghans who are trying to leave the country now that we’re pulling troops back? If so, does this mean another war with them? What should happen next if there’s a chance for peace between our two countries again in the future? Let us know just what you think about these questions!

God Bless America, God Bless The Veterans

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