America First Not Socialism – This Should Always Be The Message For First Time Voters

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Imagine being told you can have whatever you want, but you have to share it with everyone else in the country. Would that idea sit well with you? In the current political climate of the United States, this seems to be the strategy that many Democrats are using when they talk about healthcare and higher education reform. If you agree with their plan, then great! However, if not, then it may be helpful to learn why socialism doesn’t work.

Democrats’ first priority is advancing their political party. They are so focused on being politically correct that they often overlook common sense. When President Obama was in office, he allowed thousands of Syrian refugees to enter America without proper vetting, leading to a number of attacks on American soil—some successful. If Democrats really want to protect our country, they should start acting like it. I say to the Democratic party, Start thinking about Americans before you think about your party. I should know about that because I am a former Democrat.

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump because was locked against Republicans because of all the lies coming from the mainstream media and the Democratic party. I also didn’t back or agree with Hillary Clinton. When she called the supporters of Donald Trump deplorable that caused me to take notice but still wasn’t enough to get me to jump sides. When I noticed how Trump gave America hope again my mind started to open up and take a long good notice of what the Democrats had done to me as an individual. They had convinced me (Brainwashed) that Republicans were racist, power-hungry, for the rich, and the enemy of the country. When Donald Trump became President The stock market had risen higher than ever. Everyone was feeling good again about having money to spend at Christmas time!! Life wasn’t looking grim anymore for working people!! The middle class could finally start to live again!! I actually felt hopeful for myself and my family’s future again!!!

This made no sense to me until I realized what brainwashing had happened to me. This has led to my decision to not support anyone who supports socialism! Capitalism works! It worked when JFK was president!! He supported capitalism and helped make people feel better about themselves economically. Now suddenly everything has changed, at least to me it did. Now suddenly everything is wrong according to the left-wingers!! Everything new isn’t good; if it’s new, then it’s bad. Try living under socialism for a while; try asking someone who lives there if it’s great living under that type of system! Then tell them it will work out just fine. You may be surprised by some of your answers!! Ask Venezuelans if they enjoy living under pure socialism today!!!

America needs a Republican leader who believes in making us proud to be citizens of our beautiful country again!! Make sure that if you decide to run for public office, you ask yourself one question: What can I do to help improve life for everyone? Please don’t only help me–help every hardworking American earn more dollars because each dollar helps us have more pride in ourselves and build a stronger nation together!! We must lift each other up–not push each other down!!!!! Most Important Thing Is To Have Some Faith In Your Country Again. Even though we have been through a lot over these past few years it’s time we all need to prevent the country from going downhill, and falling apart.

Socialism isn’t good for any country primarily for the people. Socialism isn’t as great of a political system as Democrats would have you believe, and it can never work with mankind because mankind will always take advantage of socialism which will kill it over time. On paper, socialism looks great and makes sense, but when you put it into real-life situations things go wrong and they never work out as planned. Let’s look at Venezuela since I know many democrats are saying how wonderful socialism is in Venezuela because their GDP has gone up 100% year over year so therefore socialism is working there. But actually, Venezuela’s economy is teetering on collapse after years of mismanagement by leftist President Hugo Chavez, his successor Nicolas Maduro, and their United Socialist Party which continues to run policies that would only work if every citizen was honest and followed socialist laws to a tee. The truth about Venezuela’s economic miracle: nearly everything oil-related. Between 2006 and 2012, oil prices tripled from $50 to $150 per barrel.

Then, in mid-2014, plummeting global energy prices hit Venezuela like a ton of bricks; oil dropped to less than $50 per barrel and stayed down. To make matters worse, Venezuela doesn’t even really produce enough oil to make its economy viable. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) estimates that Venezuela will pump 2.4 million barrels daily in 2016—that’s two percent of total OPEC production; it also represents an eight percent decline from last year.

In terms of countries with heavy dependence on oil revenue, that’s huge. And that means Chavez – then Maduro – kept spending…and spending…and spending – until now they have almost nothing left to spend. In short, socialists had done what socialists do everywhere: promise something for nothing, receive power, as a result, gain popularity from those who benefit from those promises being fulfilled without any cost to themselves, and create massive chaos by printing massive amounts of money which leads inevitably to hyperinflation. After all, nothing is free – someone has to pay for those free services or products. Sadly though, Venezuelan politicians didn’t realize just how much damage their actions were going to cause – meaning communist/socialist leaders aren’t a bright breed.

God Bless America, and God Save The Veterans

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