Breaking News – Is Dr. Fauci Lying?

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Recently, news outlets are claiming that Dr. Fauci may have lied about the research on the Coronavirus in Wuhan, China. There are reports saying that he told Congress last year that China had stopped doing research with the virus in 2012, when in fact they were still researching it up until 2014 or 2015. What does this mean? If Dr. Fauci did in fact lie, can we trust him with our life?

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at NIH, recently gave a talk at Wuhan University in China during which he discussed some of his research on MERS-CoV, otherwise known as coronavirus. During his talk, he announced some preliminary results on what had been tested so far, including some new antibodies that were being developed for use in an experimental vaccine against MERS-CoV if it became necessary to create one.

If you have any questions about what MERS-CoV is or how it differs from SARS or other coronaviruses that have also made headlines lately—such as swine flu—read on! We can certainly help clear things up… but first, let’s get back to our main subject: Dr. Fauci’s recent remarks in China… This created quite a stir among many folks who claim they weren’t surprised by these findings because they already knew all along that He was lying. The lack of trust has resulted in massive debates regarding health care policy. Maybe we should be taking more proactive steps with potential sources such as spending tax dollars trying to stop diseases before they start spreading or doing more research into genetics.

In either case, maybe we should be questioning how much we really know. Who knows what deadly disease could arise tomorrow. And now it seems Dr. Fauci might actually be partially responsible! What a crazy turn of events… Has he thought ahead enough to make sure nothing is going to happen tomorrow? Perhaps not. As reported here in BreakingNewsMagazine… What I am saying is, I think there may have been a mistake, said Fauci, I’m saying ‘may’ have. Could Dr. Fauci be pointing out what may very well be ignored signs of emerging viruses? It looks like someone got smart! Or did someone get served? Whatever happened to him though, I hope Tony finds work again soon… As many jobs are always needed throughout the medicine and chemistry fields. The poor guy right?

Remember, knowledge is power…even when people don’t want you to know something! Keep learning, keep growing…but most importantly; Stay Alive! Remember, just a little re-cap on Dr. Fauci. Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., is director of NIAID and a world-renowned scientist in infectious diseases and immunology, leading AIDS research since 1984 and serving as an advisor to two presidents on HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention policies. He was appointed in 2008 to head up President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, which is looking at how partnerships between government agencies and faith-based groups can be established to create effective solutions to social problems such as homelessness or drug addiction. Before that, he served on President Bush’s council after 9/11.

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