Chuck Schumer Say’s Halt Deportation Of Haitians

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Schumer sent Biden a letter recently, urging him to halt deportations of Haitians back to Haiti. Schumer’s argument was that Tropical storm grace had just hit the area, and it might be good to temporarily halt deportations of Haitian immigrants. 

The intention of resuming them later when things settle down. It looks like Schumer cares more about his party than he does about the Haitian people… but why?

Is he hoping to look compassionate towards those people? We all know the Democrats only do things in their best interest, not the people. “We cannot continue these hateful and xenophobic Trump policies that disregard our refugee laws.”

What’s the reason Democrats don’t want to do anything about immigration? Americans and other legal residents who live along the border with Mexico aren’t exactly thrilled about how their towns have been affected by illegal immigration.

Even if many acknowledge that we’re a nation of immigrants, they also know that we’re a nation of laws—and these people coming into our country illegally are violating those laws. The parents of Americans should be concerned about how so many immigrants are crossing over from Mexico as well, as drugs and criminals have been known to cross over as well.

Now we have the Haitians wanting to cross illegally. There are drug dealers mixing with them as well. So, even if you support open borders, at least own up to what those open borders will bring: more crime and more drug trafficking!

That’s right—there will be a crime involved in opening our borders, even if no one intends for it that way. And, like everyone else who crosses over illegally, they don’t want to follow any rules or regulations; they want everything handed to them on a silver platter. They want us, taxpayers, to foot their bill while they break laws and hope that we still think that’s OK because you can see (or feel) their humanity too much.

If Chuck wants to help why doesn’t he take in some homeless since there are homeless veterans sleeping under bridges, but he knows that wouldn’t help his party keep control of Congress either. Why don’t Democrats take in some homeless vets instead of Haitian refugees? The answer is simple. It would cost money for services, not handouts just to say you helped them…plus it would go against their pro-illegal agenda so both groups cannot be solved simultaneously. He’d rather deflect than solve since solving problems takes effort.

How will President Biden react to Schumer wanting to halt deportations remains to be seen. It may seem bad to you, but Democrats only care about sticking it to Trump which isn’t fair to America or its citizens. Would 20 Dems sign on if they knew millions voted illegals votes? Maybe what needs to be done is put an end to voting by illegal aliens. Something has got to be done before millions decide Illegals vote Democrat who then votes themselves free stuff including living off of taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars. Or maybe stop shipping billions overseas each year claiming sending our own money makes America great again….that helps your payola class.

God Bless America, God Save The Veterans

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