Getting The Truth Out One Way Are The Other!

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I wanted to start this website to be able to inform others about the truth, and about the Democrats, Socialism, and how they are trying to change our country into something that it wasn’t intended to be.

We are all Republicans here, well a good portion of us are. We do have some Democrats visiting, reading, and learning where the Democrats are trying to take us. My hope is they can accept the truth which has been hidden very well within the Democratic party.

We want our Country back, and in the process of doing this people will know the truth about the Democratic party. The best way to hide the truth from others who don’t believe anything bad about the Democratic party that they belong to is through the mainstream media. They didn’t hesitate to report anything on former President Trump. Yet, they haven’t given Joe Biden a bad score because the Democratic organization is in cahoots with them.

We need to start getting people who don’t know these things about Democrats. We also need to spread awareness about all of these things, but it isn’t easy when there is so much fighting going on between people, just because they are different parties. The whole reason we are here is to get our country back. Not for one party, but for both parties. This site can help others get informed. It will inform all the other people who are on the fence like I was for a few years. I wasn’t sure of which way to go. Luckily I had a few friends who didn’t give up on me.

All those who are straddling the fence need to know what’s really happening in our country, no matter if you’re a Democrat. You’re the one we want here reading and learning the truth. Truth-seeking -Truth is all about getting the truth out to others like you. I too was stuck in the tracks of Democratic lies. The Democratic Socialists should be exposed for their true colors and should be exposed for trying to change America into something that it wasn’t meant to be! If we can do that then we can save this beautiful country where freedom rings.

Democrats take away your freedoms with other people’s money while Republicans give back your freedoms with tax cuts. Democrats build other countries while Republicans build up America which has been left neglected by Democrats since they came into power 60 years ago. We will restore America back to how she was meant to be by educating people on just how bad Democrats have made things in America since they’ve taken over control of our country! We will teach people how they don’t care about Americans but only themselves and their own best interests! I’m not saying there aren’t good Democrats out there but most of them run away from calling themselves Democrats when you ask them if they are, because deep down inside they know what party they belong to. That tells us right there that those good ones know full well what those evil socialists/communists/Marxist Democrats plan to do to Americans once they get rid of everyone who doesn’t think like them. Let’s work together! Let’s make a difference! Let’s tell them all NO!!!

As for capitalism, it helps the country grow. It helps those who want to help themselves. Republicans believe in helping the unfortunate as well as the poor. There are programs out there to help you re-define yourself. What I’m saying is, that there are programs out there that can teach you a new trade (Skill) where your dependence on the government is eventually broken. Capitalism is all about growing the country and the people. The Democratic party says they are for America but their true colors always come out if one listens closely. Socialism may look good on paper but socialism always fails… every time. The failures of socialism go back 100 years or more … And now America is heading down that path with Obamacare – socialized medicine = socialism !!! We are moving toward socialism by 4 to 6 inches per year until we wake up one day and find our freedoms gone – manipulated by politicians elected by socialists only because there was no honest information for voters to use when making decisions at polling booths.

Hence, I need a website so interested citizens have free access to reliable facts. Yes, my beliefs are Republican beliefs based on facts that have been hidden from public view! Growth of what?: Growth of peoples’ minds? Growth of businesses? Growth through better education? What is growth defined as in terms of an ideal society? Allowing people to survive within an economic system does not equate to growth — many communities are left behind/struggle due to lack of economic opportunity. Say it with me again, Let’s tell them all NO!!!

God Bless America, God Save The Veteran


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