How some Democrats are voting Republican, but not telling their family

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There are many reasons why Democrats are voting Republican, but these people are keeping it quiet to protect their families from argument and trauma.

The platform Truth Seeking Truth is all about information and the sharing of information, so we decided to dig deeper and take a look at some Democrats who claim to be voting for President Trump this time around (If he decides to run again).

These aren’t your average Democrats either; they’re involved in politics and even have families that don’t support their beliefs or party affiliation.

Are you considering voting Republican?

Are you considering becoming a Republican, but your family has been Democrats since you can remember? Maybe they’re concerned about healthcare. Have you thought about what would happen if Republicans were in charge of healthcare; it could be an eye-opening experience! You may learn that many Democrats are okay with losing certain rights, like freedom of speech and other first amendment rights. What happened to them? Did they really believe in all those Democrat laws they voted for? Was that fair to start with or did people vote against free speech without knowing it was happening? You will find these questions answered on Truth Seeking Truth.

I started Truth Seeking Truth with the intention of bringing the truth to light about Democrats. You see, I was a Democrat. I wanted nothing more than bigger government control over my life, which is why I joined. Now, after researching real issues myself, including Democrat politics and candidate policies I decided to join another party: The Republican Party! Why? Well, let me tell you… The Democrats are leading the country in the direction of Socialism. They seem to be okay with abortion. I battle for years over that. I am pro-life and always have been. In fact, when I campaigned for Obama in 2008, I believed him when he said he was anti-abortion. Ha! He turned out to be just another lying Democrat!

A few months into his presidency, I felt deceived when he signed his name to Obamacare with its HHS Mandate that made any employer who provides health insurance must pay for birth control and drugs such as ‘Plan B’ even though a pregnancy had already occurred. That was just the beginning of my seeing the truth about the Democratic party. Texas, God bless the Texas Governor. Gov. Greg Abbott signs bill that would outlaw abortions if Roe v. Wade is overturned Fox News April 18th, 2017 This information only scratches the surface of what’s wrong with our nation today.

I pray it helps you see the truth. If you do realize that today’s Democrat party is no longer representing what America stands for then there’s something else you need to know: We’re all Americans before we’re Democrats or Republicans… And Americans want America back! #MAGA (Make America Great Again). If it were up to Bernie Sanders, we would already be a Socialist Country. The Democrats are promising their constitutes things like free college, single-payer healthcare, welfare benefits, and a job for everyone. Good luck paying for that. I’m gonna guess most American working-class families aren’t going to buy into that one! Bottom line:

Conservatives have better solutions for solving problems—and especially problems big enough to demand change from both parties! These things don’t come cheap, so if single-payer is going to work it needs to be funded by taxes—taking money from where is leftover from priorities such as national defense and infrastructure investment?

When candidates promise things like guaranteed employment or free college, don’t fall for it. It’s all one big lie. Do a little research for yourself, you’re going to be amazed just like I was, Democrats are not for the people they only want to hang onto power. Joe Biden is already destroying the country. Here is a good read on how Biden Changed his reasoning on the Afghanistan drawdown. I’ll have more coming on this topic. Please do some research and don’t stop coming here. This is where you get the truth from us.

God Bless America, God Save The Veterans

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