Immigration Under The Biden Administration

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Immigration under the Biden administration isn’t just bad, it’s dangerous. Not only do we have Immigrants from the number 1 country Mexico. There are drug cartel members who hide among innocent immigrants and that in turn makes it worse for them.

All illegals should be sent back to whatever country it is they are from. I don’t have a problem with immigrants coming here as long as they do it the legal way, through the front door, not hopping a fence.

Yes, and of course, the Democrats are screaming let them in, why? They want their votes. Democrats are losing ground fast, as I am a defector of the Democratic party.

We now have the problem of people not wanting to go back to work because they grew used to getting the extra benefits with their unemployment checks. Most of them were making more money than they made working with the extra benefits. Well, the time has come for them to go back to work. That would stop the Democrats talking points of, ” No one wants to do the job the immigrants will”. We already have those who cross over the border from Mexico to work when it’s time for harvesting crops. Some of these farmers are using undocumented Immigrants and they need to be stopped.

Although before we do this we have to look at the factsWith the COVID 19 Virus, we face a shortage of immigrant workers and now undocumented Immigrants are being issued temporary visas to keep America fed. I do believe that any undocumented immigrant that works on these farms who have Visas should be granted citizenship. They are very important to the country for helping to keep us fed produce. I know many will disagree with me, but this is just my personal opinion. I am not saying give every undocumented immigrant citizenship in any way shape or form.

Right now America, The Biden administration is faced with thousands of Haitians wanting to here. Most of these Haitians are coming from other countries and HaitiThey say they want to get away from Racism, and poverty. Here’s the problem with that. Do they really think the racism will stop by coming here? Some are probably good people, but the ones coming from Hatey itself are a lot of drug dealers and gang members wanting nothing more than to get into America so they can become even bigger drug dealers and gang members. What will the Biden administration do about all this?

Soon Pelosi will be claiming it is our obligation to take these people in just as she has said on many occasions, a little differently than I say, but that those are the facts. The Biden administration claims they are accelerating the removal of Haitians on the border as reported by Reuters


CIUDAD ACUNA, Mexico, Sept 18 (Reuters) – U.S. authorities moved some 2,000 people to other immigration processing stations on Friday from a Texas border town that has been overwhelmed by an influx of Haitian and other migrants, the Department of Homeland Security said on Saturday.

Such transfers will continue “in order to ensure that irregular migrants are swiftly taken into custody, processed, and removed from the United States consistent with our laws and policy,” DHS said in a statement.

While some migrants seeking jobs and safety have been making their way to the United States for weeks or months, it is only in recent days that the number converging on Del Rio, Texas, has drawn widespread attention, posing a humanitarian and political challenge for the Biden administration. Read More

God Bless America, God Save The Veterans

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