Is Mexico Turning Abortion Into A Successful Business?

Image by H. Hach from Pixabay

Yesterday, just a little over 13 hours, not an entire day, it looks like Mexico is watching us here in The United States get ready for a showdown over abortion. Governor Abbott of Texas signed a bill into law that makes it harder to disregard life in the womb. It almost looks as if Democrats might as well have shaken hands with Mexico over their Supreme court ruling. Mexico’s Supreme Court has ruled that criminal penalties for terminating pregnancies are unconstitutional

Democrats are facing the proverbial Straw that broke the camel’s back. The American people are taking notice more and more over abortions (Murder of the unborn).

Could Mexico be getting ready to capitalize off of America, facing getting Roe V Wade overturned? The unborn can’t defend themselves. They need to be defended, and now is the time to revisit Roe v Wade while we have the supreme court. Am I saying we should move while we have the majority on the Supreme Court? Absolutely I am. Imagine what Democrats would do if they had the majority on the Supreme Court. There is nothing they wouldn’t try.

I stand firm and believe abortion is murder. I struggled with this for many years as a Democrat, telling myself if a woman wants to have an abortion, that’s her business. That’s how I dealt with that issue for most of my life. I believe in a higher power, which to me is the Lord Jesus Christ. I can’t see Jesus being for abortion. Of course, when we talk about Christianity, The Lord has created us in his image and free will as he himself has. We will also answer for our choices. I may disagree with abortion, but I will not get angry or violent over it.

I have my beliefs, and another person has theirs. We must stand strong for what we believe in as long as it is virtuously right. I’m in no way judging anyone. I believe with all my heart and soul that abortion is wrong unless the mother is in danger. When it involves rape or incest, I believe the Lord leaves that one up to us. I don’t believe in or serve a God who gives us free will and the ability to choose to be heartless. I believe it to be the same about divorce with God (the only example I can think of); if the marriage is plagued with violence or adultery, he gives us the right to choose whether to stay married or get a divorce. He would rather us stay together, but he will respect that choice if we choose not to.

Abortion is not a way of birth control as some people use it. Some women have had more than one abortion. What justification do they have for that? Does a woman have the right to have abortions as a means to birth control because she may claim that birth control medication makes her sick? No, she doesn’t have a right to murder an unborn because she can’t use protection. In no way is anyone perfect. Someone has to stand up for the unborn. They can’t defend themselves, nor did they ask to be conceived.

Mexico can see the fight in America coming over abortion. Mexico is not thinking of it, but they are getting ready for the flow of Americans coming across the border to have an abortion. I believe that Roe v Wade will be overturned soon. It looks like the Democrats have a partner in believing that abortion isn’t murder, but a woman’s choice to choose. We can discuss abortion all day long, and it will still turn out the same way. I believe abortion is murder, and someone else may believe it’s a woman’s body and her choice.

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans And The Unborn

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