Should Biden’s Administration Have His Mental Capacity Checked?

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

President Joe Biden has accused former President Trump of lying all the time, but Biden does it, too! Even his mental state is being questioned!

Biden’s mental state does not seem to be right. Should Biden’s administration have his mental state checked? The American people deserve better.

I believe that former Vice President Joe Biden should be evaluated to determine his mental state. He lies all of the time and even has a hard time putting a sentence together. I think it is a sign of a bigger problem in his life if he lies so much. When asked about his lies, he really doesn’t know what to say or do. Maybe someone should look into it further. We may need another president right now because he can’t seem to figure out how to run our country with truthfulness. The American people deserve better than someone who can’t tell us anything true at all.

We pay our politicians to tell us everything they are doing for us; not what they are doing wrong or how they will not tell us anything at all. The question is, is Biden even capable of telling the truth? Even if he does believe what he says, everyone knows it isn’t true. Just take a look at his past political history. It tells you exactly where things stand with him being truthful these days. No one believes him anymore which makes our nation vulnerable to attack from other countries as well as internal problems. Democrats like Pelosi and Chuck Schumer know Biden can’t be mentally fit to run the country. Those two Socialist politicians only care about one thing and that is hanging on to power.

That is why they have made sure he remains in office so far without any criticism. They want to keep their position in government no matter what happens in America. If something happens while Biden occupies the Oval Office, it could spell disaster for them personally. Liberals have a long way to go before Americans can trust them again once Democrat Kamala Harris takes over from Trump due to their blatant failure as politicians for decades now. You cannot blame them though, because socialism never works anywhere at any time regardless of how hard anyone tries to make it happen including those trying today across America as we speak! Remember folks: Never vote left unless you want socialism coming your way!

President Biden (if you want to call him that) is always referring back to Trump whenever something goes bad for him. I think Joe has a problem with letting go of grudges. He just cannot let things go and move on with his life because he has been doing all of these childish attacks against Donald Trump from day one. Any reasonable person can clearly see that President Biden isn’t acting like himself lately. Perhaps it’s time for him to step down as president so we can have someone take office who is well-spoken, respected, and not losing their mind.

Wait, I forgot Kamala Harris would take over. That isn’t good, It looks as if we’re in deep trouble either way, If Biden steps down, was forced out, or if Kamala Harris takes the office. I truly believe if the mental illness runs in families then our country would be better off without having a mentally ill person in the office. Plus, how can people trust what he says if he seems to say anything! ? If anyone was ever going through a nervous breakdown or maybe even schizophrenia or Alzheimer’s they would know that Joe could possibly be suffering from either one of those illnesses right now.

God Bless America, God Save The Veterans


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