State Sen. Lora Reinbold (Alaska) Blaming The Mandate?

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State Sen. Lora Reinbold (Alaska) recently spoke out against Alaska’s strict vaccine mandate, which requires all children to receive vaccines before attending public school and daycare. Since taking office in January, Sen. Reinbold has been working to repeal the mandate, which she believes places an undue burden on families and causes potential health risks to children who have a history of allergies or reactions to vaccines. After Sen. Lora Reinbold was banned from the leading airlines because she refused to wear a mask.

Senator Reinbold graduated from the University of Alaska, Anchorage with a bachelor’s degree in economics. She also has a master’s in business administration from Harvard University. After graduation, Reinbold worked for ExxonMobil Corp. and ConocoPhillips, both oil companies based in Houston, Texas. However, she didn’t start her political career until 1999 when she was elected to Anchorage Assembly where she served for ten years before being elected to serve in the state senate in 2011.

Now, nearly four years later, Reinbold is fighting against legislation that requires children to be vaccinated prior to enrolling in public schools. The bill passed 17-1 through its first reading but Reinbold was one of only three senators who opposed it. If it passes through all five readings then it will become law. Interestingly enough, according to local reports, after Reinbold voted against the legislation lawmakers were not able to get their scheduled flight home because severe weather had forced all planes out of Anchorage International Airport so they were forced to stay an extra night in town—something which enraged them because they all wanted to return home as soon as possible.

Of course, while we don’t know what happened next we can certainly imagine: Regardless, Reinbold said there are other reasons why she opposes this mandate.

This vaccine bill infringes on my religous liberty,Reinbold told the Assiciated Press Mondy. It infringes on my ability to make medical decissions for nyself or my family mambers… I would encourage people to do their own research about vaccines themselves in stead of blindly trusting what science says. At least one law maker thought her actions crossed a line saying I’m frustrated that I have to explain to these people how government works.

Wednesday’s incident isn’t representative of just Republicans or just Democrats, even though that could easily be interpreted as such, said Democratic Rep. Bryce Edgmon.

Most Alaskans support vaccinations and want to keep kids safe — including parents who wouldn’t vaccinate without fear someone could sue them if their child gets sick due to lack of immunization — he said. Even if you support freedom of religion, protecting kids trumps any argument around freedom within our community, he added. What should Lora Reinbold have done? Are air carriers always right? Are vaccinations safe? Please comment below!

While she does not agree with how it was handled in a private business setting by a third party, she does believe there is room for improvement in public safety when it comes to ensuring all citizens are protected from harmful diseases when they travel.

She said when you look at measles outbreaks over time globally, there is no link between people getting measles if they have been vaccinated. But without these vaccinations, communities can become threatened by illnesses that can spread quickly through airports where many people gather.

My only opinion is this, I am a Republican who has gotten my Vaccine shots. It’s what I thought to be the right decision for me. My son has recently received his second injection of the Vaccine. Do I think it’s right for everyone to accept the Vaccine? Not at all, I did what I think is best for me. I believe as Americans we have the right to decide about our personal medical decisions. Senator Lora Reinbold did what she deems best for her. Although I do believe in following rules that stores and other facilities have in place for their businesses. It falls back to that rule everyone knows very well, ” No Shoe, No Shirt, then no service. That’s my personal opinion.

God Bless America, God Save The Veterans.


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