The Dangers of Socialism- For Those Who Don’t Know – Part 2

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

The Republican Party believes in free-market capitalism as a foundation for economic growth and individual liberty. The Democratic Party believes in socialized ownership and government domination over large industries.

The Republican Party believes government should play only a minimal role in the daily lives of citizens and focus instead on securing liberty and justice for all. This has not changed and will not change.

In a nutshell, socialism is any system in which the government owns and controls all production and distribution of goods and services, with the exception of personal possessions.

In a pure socialist society, there would be no privately owned land, factories, or banks. The production and distribution of goods and services would be handled entirely by the government for the benefit of its citizens. While many claim that socialism has been successful in countries like Sweden and Denmark, supporters also seem to forget the massive price paid in a socialistic society.

I have to remind those of you that in a recent poll, more than 70% of people say they would prefer socialism to capitalism. However, of that same group of people, fewer than half actually know what socialism is. When asked what they thought socialism is, many millennials gave a definition that was incorrect or inadequate. Most answered this question with this answer, “Isn’t it where the government sets up safety nets for us”? “Why shouldn’t we have them”? I too thought this in my long journey as a Democrat. It is all one big lie!

Many types of governments have been tried. Every time one of these social experiments were tried, they failed. We can learn from these mistakes. Instead of going down a path to a better society, the outcome has been the same failure over and over again. That outcome has been a decline in human rights, a decline in economic success, a decline in quality of life, and ultimately an outcome that leaves citizens living in poverty. Going down the path of socialism just doesn’t work.

My hope is some of my friends are reading this. I still have good friends who are still with the Democratic party. I do have a few on the fence. They know something must be real about the new direction I’m headed in now. I, as a former Democrat, was knee-deep in the Democratic beliefs. I have a good feeling a few of my friends will make the big move as I did and join the Republican party. It’s not about being on the winning team for me any longer, it’s about what direction I want the country that I love to go in. I can’t stress enough to my Democrat friends how important it is to wake up and try looking at this with an open mind.

It took me a couple of years and some good Republican friends who never gave up on me. I have to say there is one in particular who really made me think. I would always get confrontational with him on his posts, but he stayed calm and just kept sending the truth my way. I tried to debunk everything he sent me or he posted. I couldn’t debunk anything. What did happen is I learned the truth in trying to debunk him. Thank you Mike Ford for not giving up on me. That’s why I’m posting this second part on Socialism. I’m hoping some of my friends will take heed and learn the truth.

Now, I do have those friends who disowned me for the change in direction I’m headed. I’m sorry they feel that way, but I could no longer run from the truth. I have nothing against them, and I wish them all the luck following a party that will not take them anywhere.

God Bless America, God Save The Veterans

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