The Dangers of Socialism- For Those Who Don’t Know

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We have been hearing a lot about socialism in the news recently, thanks in part to Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But what exactly is socialism?

In short, it’s any system that promotes social benefits over individual ones, which includes government support for education, housing, employment, and health care.

In addition to these social benefits, socialists tend to favor common ownership of the means of production, such as manufacturing facilities and machinery. As you can imagine, this creates a few problems in terms of efficiency, especially when coupled with the government ownership component of socialism.

In a recent poll, 64% of young people said they were in favor of socialism. In fact, many millennial voters now prefer socialism to capitalism. But what does that mean? And how can they possibly think it’s a good idea? If you want to learn more about what exactly is wrong with socialism and why we must fight for a conservative capitalist country, then please keep reading. It’s not as complicated as it seems – let me explain… 1934 The start of US market crash: From October 16th through October 24th, stocks lost nearly 40% of their value. 2007-2009 recession: After affordable housing loans sent millions into default from 2007-2009, millions lost jobs and millions lost homes or could no longer afford them.

Venezuela’s economy collapses: As socialism took over society began to crumble – inflation rose 600%, poverty rose 350%, a budget deficit rose 300%. socialist countries don’t work: Between 1949 and 1989 there was a slew of Communist or Socialist states. None of them worked out at all. Like really, these political theories have been tried multiple times and failed every single time – so why do so many young people believe they will be any different?

1981 Hong Kong handover: On July 1st, China took control of Hong Kong after 156 years under British rule and transitioned Hong Kong’s free-market system under one-party rule. Not surprisingly, it has only gotten better since then (and again, China is NOT considered an example of a successful democratic socialist state). America becoming communist: Around 30 million Americans would die if America became communist. In addition to death by famine and/or genocide which takes place during most revolutions.

Sorry but that just isn’t okay! Bernie Sanders being elected President: He proposed that government will deliver free college education paid for by a new tax on Wall Street transactions which could lead up to a 90% income tax rate on higher-income earners. Bernie stated he won’t raise taxes for lower-income groups while making healthcare free, closing corporate loopholes while increasing Social Security payments. All of his plans are unworkable and unaffordable. Also, his stance on guns goes against American values – We need sensible gun-control legislation which prevents guns from being used by people who should not have them… We need to make certain that guns do not fall into the hands of persons who should not have them.

This quote makes it clear he supports gun confiscation without regard to due process rights. Letting rich kids stay eligible for college aid: They get richer off tax dollars given freely to them rather than providing help to those who genuinely need financial assistance pursuing an education. Paying for everybody’s tuition: Instead of encouraging them to look for a job or offer free internships, free tuition is free stuff that encourages laziness. Encouraging people to pursue frivolous degrees like gender studies or peace studies, which encourage anti-American sentiment and liberal thinking, will create more conflict and division instead of encouraging cooperation among citizens. Income inequality: When society follows progressive ideology, they claim it is to combat classism… Don’t tell me that they care about my economic future when they choose to take my tax money and redistribute it down into economic classes that I am striving so hard to escape.

These same people ignore my success story by attacking those who have not had as much success. These same people ignore my success story by attacking those who have not had as much success. Extreme Environmentalism: Liberal policies, both domestically and internationally, created a drastic increase in Carbon Dioxide from power plants from 1970-2010. It is extreme environmental policies that have caused global cooling from 1940-1970 and now global warming from 1980-2010. This pattern is undeniable. Trillions of dollars to fight climate change: Obama spent $90 billion trying to stop global warming – that’s almost as much as we spend on our military each year – fighting a problem that doesn’t exist. Unpatriotic behavior: Anybody with a healthy respect for America believes in capitalism and believes in God-given individual liberty.

God Bless America, God Save The Veterans

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