Vaccine Mandate, An Egregious Overreach Of Government Power



America’s Republicans and Democrats have grown farther apart in recent years, and nowhere is this more apparent than when it comes to the issue of vaccinations and immunizations. Democratic president Joe Biden has recently proposed that all parents should be required to vaccinate their children before enrolling them in public schools, and some Republicans, including myself, have slammed this idea as an egregious overreach of government power. But what else do we know about this controversy? And how can we make sense of such extreme differences of opinion on such an important issue?

I’m an average person, just like you, who believes in freedom. I believe that good people should be free to do what they want to do when they want to do it. I don’t think anyone should have control over another person’s life—that includes health care providers dictating what treatments you can or cannot receive at their whim.

If you are opposed to these principles, please move on; my words are not for you. On September 9, 2021, President Biden announced his new position on mandatory vaccinations. President Joe Biden has decided that he knows better than all of us about what we should do with our bodies and how we treat ourselves…and he’s made up his mind about exactly which types of government-mandated vaccines he thinks every American citizen must take.

Well, here’s where I stand: This isn’t Communist China–this is America! You have no right to force others into following your beliefs. We live in a country built by those who refused to follow unjust laws…not because those laws were ignorant but because those laws were unconstitutional! Our early settlers wouldn’t stand by while some king tried to tell them what they could do and not do–we shouldn’t either! And if President Joe Biden doesn’t respect our nation’s individualism and choice then there really isn’t any point left in having a president.

Our rights–all of them–come from God and we will defend them even if we disagree with one another. Whether someone else believes certain medicines or procedures should be allowed or not is none of our business as long as those choices do not harm anybody else (unless, as far as I know, there isn’t something out there that makes you involuntarily cast spells).

A lot of politicians only seem to talk about change during elections; however, Joe Biden actually thinks he can just use his pen and grant anything that Democrats want done. When the Democrats talk about change, they are actually talking about socialism. Their policies may make things worse before they make things better (That’s what they want you and I do believe, I was part of that at one time) but Obamacare is definitely making things worse now. The United States spends more money per capita on healthcare than other industrialized nations yet we aren’t healthier for it; we actually rank 37th in global rankings.

One way takes into account that readers would not know much about Vaccine Mandates; another takes into account how much Americans care for their kids and doesn’t appeal to emotions. Because it’s fiction, you could ignore either path. The later path likely puts more emphasis on how Republicans aren’t anti-Gov. For example, Republicans aren’t anti-gov; we just want smaller, more efficient government—and no one knows bigger governments breed corruption faster than big business. …but I think Republicans should be represented as actively trying to help people who need help–not as anti-gov pieces trying to destroy American society for fun. Unless, of course, your intent was to write an anti-Republican piece. In that case, follow your heart and ignore me. You’re better than me anyway! NOT!!

God Bless America, and God Save The Veterans

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