What Can We Expect Out Of The Taliban Next?

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This change in vision by the Taliban, although only on paper so far, may give hope to millions of girls around Afghanistan. We see that they are taking some action towards gender equality, although it is slow and limited. It is interesting to see what will happen in the future with their actions towards women’s education.

Only time will tell if these actions are genuine or not. If anything more happens, I am sure you will hear about it. Girls have been denied an education for too long; things like barriers put up by men because they don’t deserve one.

We should watch out for any signs of discrimination or infringement upon human rights against women in Afghanistan who pursue an education. According to Islamic law (sharia), many Muslim scholars believe there is nothing in sharia that prohibits females from working outside the home. H

However recent public rhetoric coming out of several high-ranking clerics suggests otherwise. According to Islam, women can study at universities and work everywhere except at mosques. — Mahbuba Ahady , professor at Kabul University There are lots of jobs that women can do; They just need permission from their husbands. — Mustafa Qazizada, member of parliament Those people may say all those nice words but I know they don’t really mean it. Men love sticking around their wives so much, don’t believe me check it out yourself.

Would changing their view towards education be possible?

It is hard to say if there is any way that they will change their minds towards educating women. While they do want peace, it seems like they will only do so under their own conditions. The best outcome would be for all parties to meet in the middle and find a solution that works for everyone involved.

However, I think that may be too much to ask at this point. To change someone’s mind you have to give an alternative idea. For example, during WWII Germany had many problems with other countries surrounding them because of their ruling party Nazi’s believed in superiority over others due to race or religion

If another country came along and persuaded the Taliban (Which isn’t going to happen) into thinking that other people or other religions were equally as intelligent as their’s then maybe they could help change their view on who was inferior and who was superior. Without an alternate idea provided by others maybe it will be very difficult to see how anything can really change when it comes to what they believe in such as education for women.

But there are new plans about changing Pakistan; plans put forth by Musharraf himself concerning religious schools, which teaches things from textbooks filled with hate towards minorities in Pakistan. In fact, instead of banning suicide bombing altogether, schools merely use books without words bombs and suicide bombings… But Afghanistan cannot accept peace unless it has been given certain assurances about stability. History shows Afghanistan has seen more than its share of invaders going back centuries. Once again whether there will be a future between Afghanistan and Pakistan rests heavily on convincing Afghans that Pakistan wants good relations based upon good faith.

Women’s Roles in Society

The Taliban started gaining power in Afghanistan in 1997 and quickly established Islamic law. The banning of certain activities led to many men leaving their jobs for their families. The women were left with responsibilities at home but also needed to keep working for their family’s survival. Keeping up with needs at home along with working outside of the house became an impossible task. Women could not get an education because of religious beliefs and traditions. They were forced to marry young and face abuse on a daily basis.

Many marriages were arranged based on sexual desire or money, causing more violence towards women.
President Karzai had made promises during his presidency that he would make changes in regard to equality, especially towards work opportunities for women. His new administration lifted all restrictions on job applications, allowing everyone—men and women—to apply for any type of job within government departments or ministries. This change helped men and women as well as decrease unemployment among men as more people are now employed due to these changes. Or do They say one thing but do another?

Recently a report by CNN news stated Afghanistan’s Taliban have agreed to create a ministerial post in their future government devoted to promoting virtue and preventing vice, a leading member told CNN Tuesday. These talks might just be a clever way for both sides to stall. The main issue facing Afghanistan is its economic state, creating an office for morality could mean less funding going towards education reform which could potentially harm women’s right’s even further. Having been promised many things yet getting nothing since 2001 why should these girls trust what they hear from either side at face value? Maybe I’m overthinking it but I don’t think I am going by recent history with promises made and broken repeatedly.

Whether we will see the Taliban keep its word on women’s rights or not remains to be seen in the future. However, steps are being taken to ensure women’s roles in society are becoming more prevalent. Since 2002 under President Karzai there has been an increase of non-governmental organizations that work towards equality amongst men and women within society.

Former president Hamid Karzai signed several decrees including one stating equal access of boys and girls educational facilities around all regions in Afghanistan excluding certain circumstances. These changes along with many others are making strides when it comes to equality, pushing past social norms when required to provide opportunities for everyone instead of being trapped within traditional roles within society set out by religion or traditional practices including marriage.

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