Has Education Become Medicine (Part Two)?

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Are we becoming a Nation that looks for shortcuts? We depend on someone else to educate our kids. This means you need a hired nanny or a daycare provider or government-run schools. Are we becoming a nation that depends on other people’s children for our future? No, I’m not talking about illegal immigrants it’s a whole lot closer to home than you think.

You may think of homeschooling as an option only reserved for strict religious groups and secular progressives who send their offspring to public schools while demanding more ideological indoctrination and less academic rigor. Look past these politically-driven homeschooling demographics and examine how many people from different walks of life are using homeschooling as an alternative to traditional schooling because they fear their children will be outwitted by modern teaching techniques designed to replace knowledge with attitudes or cultural trigger words.

These parents are growing increasingly alarmed over how institutions of learning have become more concerned with memorizing names, dates, and details rather than mastering content. One study reported most middle schoolers cannot identify foundational American documents such as the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, or Gettysburg Address.

Another survey found one-third of college graduates didn’t know what came first, Plymouth Rock or The Mayflower. And polls show even more alarming results when it comes to understanding America’s role in world history. In fact, almost one in three adults surveyed could not identify World War II! As discouraging as all of these findings are no one is surprised anymore at what passes for acceptable academic standards in today’s education system. Liberals claim that capitalism is a lousy way to organize society but then wait until Wall Street catapults a new product into the pop culture before approving its use at public schools nationwide.

Common Core curriculum was birthed during Obama’s presidency but his administration took credit for popularizing corporate products masquerading as quality educational materials. Schools all across the country adopted curricula like CSCOPE (Civics and Government) and PASS (Physical and Social Science Standards) without realizing Big Business played a major role in determining which topics should be included in each grade level along with required textbooks to match these selections. You can imagine why so many Common Core supporters insist there is nothing wrong with dumping education politics down teachers’ throats.

Education has more to do with opinions and biases than facts and logic. But don’t expect people on both sides of the political aisle to admit what you and I already knew. It’s a lot easier to cast blame for struggling students on teachers and bureaucrats rather than acknowledge we never taught our kids anything in our homes or churches or schools. Home-schooling is growing exponentially for good reason. Parents are afraid schools are being overrun by liberal activists dedicated to ensuring math, science, social studies, reading, writing, and grammar serve as little more than tools for molding children into socially correct citizens regardless of whether these individuals hold any practical purpose in real-world applications.

In closing, with all the facts pointing to Democrats wanting to keep their hold on education. Education is not medicine. Should we be giving other people’s children a very expensive medication or should we be instilling in our own children our values and beliefs and letting them choose what works for them and how they learn best? Of course, there are exceptions to everything, but it would be nice if we could instill in our own children an independent spirit and self-reliance.

I think many parents make mistakes by trying to be involved in every aspect of their child’s life instead of stepping back and letting them become independent at a younger age. It doesn’t mean coddling. It means showing them you trust them to do things on their own when possible. It means teaching them about choices versus punishments versus rewards versus bribes versus forcing them into decisions when they’re too young to understand properly yet still old enough that it will affect future decisions without really knowing why.

God Bless America, God Save The Veterans


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