Midterms Voting Fast Approaching

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Well, the Democrats are beginning to feel the heat from the upcoming midterm elections. This year, they will be contending against all of the different scandals that have surfaced in the past year or so that their government has been in place. Perhaps this is why they have fallen silent in recent months? Who knows! But what has me wondering this is because the Democrats have been quiet. This comes as quite an astonishment to even me. I haven’t heard one message from them that repeats itself.

With midterm elections fast approaching, what will the Democrats be planning? What has me wondering this is because the Democrats have been quiet. This comes as quite an astonishment to even me. I haven’t heard one message from them that repeats itself. It’s almost like they don’t know what to say or do. Before you know it, it’s going to be the general elections. If President Joe Biden is still with us, will he make another run for the Presidency?

Will they try to get Kamala Harris elected as America’s first African American elected President? Will Bernie Sanders attempt another try for the Presidency? All of these questions and more are important questions that must be answered sooner than later if we want to see a shift in power take place. The left needs a plan of action if they want 2022 to go their way. We, Republicans, have to pull together and get out to vote in the midterm elections, we can stop the Democrats from having all the power.

It’s time for the Republicans to take back the power from the Democrats. Socialism is where the Democrats are heading the country to. Right now we should only be talking about and schooling people with the truth. Truth is something the Democrats know nothing at all about. Just look at them today, still not willing to put themselves on any form of media. They’re nothing but cowards who’s scared of being called fake news.

They’re not ready for anything in 2022 just yet. For sure that in 2024 though they’ll be making some changes because being silent in midterms isn’t good especially when everyone wants answers just like me. Hopefully, by then I’ll have answers too when it comes to my question above which was what does the silence from the Democrats mean cause honestly, I have no idea what there doing or why they are being so quiet when every media source wants answers.

These midterm elections better produce results quickly because if they don’t something is going to change in the 2024 elections. A new wave of leadership with real action needs to show up on stages around America fast! (Republicans) If not…well, let’s talk about that later when we get closer to 2022. I think you know how it ends…for now however let’s focus on these midterm elections and hope for something big! Otherwise, look out in 2024!!

The first midterm election was held on October 2, 2021, and Republican Glen Youngkin won as the new Governor of the state of Virginia. On the same night, the Democrat Governor of New Jersey Phil Murphy, who just barely won his re-election. Is this a good start on taking back the House and Senate? Definitely! Remember, we still have 18 months before we know how it will turn out in November 2022.

We cannot afford to be complacent. We need to ask our friends, family, and neighbors if they plan on voting for Republicans or Democrats in the 2020 elections; we need to tell them why we think they should vote for us; we need to make sure everyone gets out and votes! If we don’t get people fired up now, then we can kiss November 2020 goodbye because of it! Let’s roll up our sleeves and get working! I know that I am ready for 2022 – what about you?

Are you willing to take back Congress? Are you willing to let another Democrat become President? I know I’m not. Are you ready for another four years of a Democrat in the White House?? Are you ready to put America first? Well, are ya?? Let’s do it! It is time to show our strength once again – let’s take back control of America! The future of our country depends on your vote in November 2022.

Don’t let down your fellow conservatives by not voting!! We are Americans – freedom-loving Americans. The last thing we want is socialists controlling our country!!! Let’s all get out there and bring an end once again to Obamaism and now Bidenism. Every election is an important election. We need to get back all three branches of government.

God Bless America, God Save The Veterans


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