No Big Surprise Here

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President Biden has decided that he will not protect President Trump’s records on January 6. Now, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who follows the democratic party and their repeated calls to impeach President Trump, ever since they lost the election and can’t get over it. This vendetta has been ongoing since the 2016 presidential election when President Trump won by more than 2% of the popular vote, but 3 million less of the electoral vote. He actually came up short in more of the states, yet won due to the electoral college system.

You can do better Americans! You can make our country great again without eliminating our freedoms as Democrats always do. Because power-hungry Nancy Pelosi says it’s okay? How sickening! Remember how sick of hearing yes Obama say on every occasion when asked by reporters to give his opinion on everything under the sun. What an arrogant jerk he was – I swear!!! I hope they lose their seats in congress because of their stupid childish behavior of choosing to obstruct justice by not calling for an investigation into all of these criminals within both parties that did wrong during that last election. We need some new Republicans in there who are willing to clean up Washington DC – US Constitution required every American adult to take oath before entering office.

Why has no one taken legal action against all those who failed to meet those obligations since we know so many politicians lied about military service, education, and much more? Why were so many FBI agents secretly working for Hillary Clinton instead of keeping us safe from terrorists and criminals? That stinks big time and should be punishable by time served or longer if convicted of treason! Sure enough, Mueller was hired to investigate fake accusations of Russian collusion but ended up finding no collusion. But Hillary’s crimes were never investigated properly either even though she used her State Department position while Secretary of State to funnel money through Clinton Foundation slush fund accounts right here in America with approval from Obama.

Look at Anthony Weiner’s laptop…WOW, what type of porn did people want to watch? So sad for him, but doesn’t surprise me or my children. He paid $500k dollars to women he paid $500k dollars to keep quiet about affairs too right? Those tapes must be burning holes in his lawyer’s pocket now. How could any politician serve another day after being caught doing such dirty things? I’m glad he’s gone. We need to clean up with both Democrats and Republicans.

As a former Democrat, I can honestly tell you I am now aware of the lies coming from the Democrats. We need more transparency with that party. Politicians seem to lie for their own agenda. Not just their constituents, but they lie to protect themselves. Politicians also seem to lie, cheat, steal and sell out easily if given half a chance. There is an old saying: power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Politicians don’t care about anything else than staying in control of others.

God Bless America, God Save The Veterans


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