Race Card Not Allowed

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Throughout history, few people have been as well-known for fomenting racial conflict as Al Sharpton. Though he’s now best known as the host of his own radio show, Al Sharpton has made quite a name for himself as an activist, traveling all over the country to raise racial tensions and stoke anger among minorities—who seem to love it when he does this—in order to promote his own personal brand.

Al Sharpton is a master at what he does. He tries to divide and conquer and often works within groups that are already disenfranchised. This time he has chosen immigrants from all over Central America who come to our southern border seeking asylum. They get it by presenting themselves at our border legally and asking for asylum. Yes, they get detained (which is not a punishment for a crime) while their case is investigated (30 days). Just because you ask for political asylum does not mean you will get it.

The number of immigrants granted asylum last year was only 4% but many of them spend six months in detention just waiting to find out. It’s better than where they came from so they feel grateful until everyone starts screaming about how we should be using military might to stop them or keeping children separated from their parents or making fun of them on social media and blaming Republicans for allowing these people in. That’s where Sharpton comes in. Not to solve anything, but simply looking for attention and another financial windfall.

And like clockwork, He accuses President Trump of a races comment and there’s Al jumps right on board with protests against President Trump. The whole thing shows just how much leverage Sharpton has gained by exploiting racial tensions to create drama and drive ratings for his news network Media Blackout 24/7TM. Should we be surprised? Nope! Sharpton loves dividing us up into racial tribes and capitalizing off of it.

Who really benefits from these wars?

The problem with racial tensions is that people aren’t talking about it. The media loves to use Al Sharpton because he’s an angry old man who scares white people. He doesn’t represent any of us because no one ever voted for him. He is a political opportunist who makes his living by dividing America.

His race war in Ferguson didn’t end when Michael Brown was shot in self-defense. You can bet he will be back in some other town trying to divide Americans based on our color and ethnicity. I want to know how much does Al Sharpton gets paid every time someone is hit with tear gas? Who really benefits from these wars? How much money did Al Sharpton makeover Ferguson? Why do I have the feeling that I just answered my own question? Instead of Al Sharpton being on TV telling us why are races not getting along, how about putting black people on TV explaining to us why they don’t trust their own neighbors anymore

We all need a conversation about race that doesn’t come from a fear of racism card, but instead an understanding of what we need to work together on as a country. It isn’t hating each other because we are different colors. Let me say that again: Not everything has to become a racial issue! There should be more help for kids growing up in areas where all there is around them is poverty and crime.

God Bless America, God Save The Veteran


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