Strength or Weakness

When will America get a President who will bring America back to its full potential? I thought former President Trump was easy on Putin and now we have Sleepy Joe at the helm. What happened to that big stick? America is being seen as weak by the world. Sure our allies are going to say different, they have another President who will take the people’s money and foot their bills.

Vladimir Putin will stop at nothing to gain power and control over the world. His recent aggression towards Ukraine and the United States is evidence of his growing ambition and desire to be in charge. Now we must stand up to him and show him that we are not going to tolerate this behavior from him or anyone else who wants to change our way of life. We cannot allow someone like Putin to get closer and closer to our borders without taking action against him first before he becomes too strong to be stopped by President Biden or anyone else.

A century ago, Russia was humiliated in World War I. It lost its leading role on the world stage and had to accept harsh terms of surrender. To some historians, Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine are a manifestation of Putin’s Revenge. A new generation of Russians has finally come to power, ready for vengeance over their nation’s defeat one hundred years ago. The Soviet Union played hardball for 70 years; now it is America’s turn. Putin’s goal is to make us pay with our national treasure—and perhaps even with American lives—for what he sees as our humiliation of his country at Versailles.

We must. understand that everything Putin does today looks like an act of revenge against Russia’s humiliating loss of status nearly 100 years ago. If we don’t realize that Putin is driven by emotion, not rational self-interest, we will be unable to deal effectively with him. As they say in poker: you can play poker without showing your cards, but you can only win if you know your opponent’s cards. And that means understanding him deeply—his history and psychology. Otherwise, Putin may succeed in getting back at us—all because we failed to read his hand correctly.

Vladimir Putin continues to take actions that challenge American power and threaten our allies. He’s moving more Russian troops into Ukraine, after being caught red-handed trying to invade Eastern Ukraine. This time, he has advanced his tanks within thirty miles of where America’s Europe-based NATO troops are located; we do not know if these tanks will be moved on Moscow’s orders (and where), but we need to be prepared for all possibilities—including a non-nuclear confrontation between Russia and America.

If nothing else, Putin’s arrogance is drawing us closer to war. We can no longer sit idly by while Putin expands his sphere of influence: we must fight back against him with strong action and real leadership! Only an increase in funding and support for NATO and Ukrainian fighters will send a clear message: we won’t allow you any closer. Americans have stood up to bullies before—in World War II, against North Korea during The Korean War, against Saddam Hussein when he invaded Kuwait.

I want a real Republican President who will show America’s strength again. We used to be feared by our enemies such as Puttin and China.

God Bless America, God Save The Veterans


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