The Taliban Is Back!!

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

I fear that the American people are not yet prepared to see what will happen in Afghanistan now that we are out and the decision to pull out was made over the objections of our military leaders.

The situation will be much like it was before 9/11, with the Taliban waging war on their own citizens and Al Qaeda establishing training camps within Afghanistan’s borders again.

President Joe Biden would not listen to our military leaders who would tell him that a complete withdrawal shouldn’t take place. We are leaving behind 20 years of American ways. The Afghan people will now feel the sting of the Taliban once again.

The Taliban’s notorious former head of religious police has said extreme punishments such as executions and amputations will resume in Afghanistan.

Mullah Nooruddin Turabi, now in charge of prisons, told AP News amputations were “necessary for security”.

He said these punishments may not be meted out in public, as they were under previous Taliban rule in the 1990s.

      But he dismissed outrage over their past public executions: “No one will tell us what our laws should be.”

Let’s face it; President Biden was never quite ready to pull out of Afghanistan. The Taliban is now bigger than ever, not only in Afghanistan but also in Pakistan. President Biden pulled out for political reasons alone. The Democrats wanted him to pull out of Afghanistan because they think it will help them stay in power. We are now facing an even more dangerous threat than before with no idea how to prevent another 9/11-style attack. I believe President Clinton would have handled things differently if he were still our commander-in-chief.

He understands that U.S. forces need to remain engaged overseas to protect America’s national security interests abroad and promote freedom around the world by supporting friends and allies, confronting terrorists and dictators where necessary, and providing vital humanitarian assistance when disaster strikes. This policy has made America safer at home and has helped us fight terrorism through partnerships forged by American leadership around the world. If we walk away from places like Afghanistan, we’ll leave behind a void that terrorists could easily fill.

Without global leadership from America, weak states become breeding grounds for al Qaeda and other extremist groups seeking nuclear weapons or biological weapons. And without U.S. military support or financial aid, democracies can quickly revert into authoritarianism—and backslide on progress toward economic development and good governance across generations of people who deserve better lives… As Americans grow increasingly frustrated with today’s wars against militant Islamist groups, some advocate withdrawing our troops entirely rather than continuing to put ourselves at risk as part of long-term international efforts to confront these dangers where they arise.

But there simply is no way to effectively deal with violent extremism abroad unless all of our federal agencies work together to strengthen vulnerable governments and empower local communities. That means maintaining strong diplomatic, defense, intelligence, civilian assistance, law enforcement, humanitarian relief, peacekeeping operations, nonproliferation programs, and foreign aid budgets. These kinds of smart investments are especially important during times of shrinking resources here at home. Withdrawing from existing commitments will do little to restore confidence in Washington among foreign leaders.

And if such a policy becomes dogma, much of what makes up U.S. soft power around the globe will erode—including respect for human rights and democratic institutions that we should be helping to expand. Those who argue that Afghanistan is just too difficult to resolve may well be right. There might be too many conflicting interests and too little willingness among regional powers to put aside narrow self-interest in favor of broader common goals.

Perhaps Afghanistan won’t ever function as well as we’d hoped it might, and sadly, perhaps hundreds of thousands of Afghans may continue to die prematurely each year from war and disease until God decides otherwise. We leave behind 20 years of the American lifestyle that the people of Afghanistan became used to. Now they will feel the sting of the Taliban.

God Bless America, God Save The Veterans


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