Can Joe Biden Keep The Country Safe?


By U.S. Navy

During his time as Vice President, Joe Biden has found himself in the news more than he would like to be, including his most recent incident in which he referred to Kamala Harris as the best-looking Attorney General he had ever seen.

Biden’s tenure has also been filled with many instances of not understanding that there are certain comments you should not make in public regarding sensitive topics like race and sexuality (to name just two). With the current political climate in America reaching new heights of divisiveness, can we trust Joe Biden to keep us safe?

The FTF ( Foreign Terrorist Fighters) threat has been a growing issue for US counter-terrorism officials for over a decade. In recent years, as ISIL’s reach has grown, so too has its recruitment of fighters from outside Iraq and Syria.

There are more than 30 countries from which foreign terrorist fighters have traveled to fight with ISIL, including those from Western Europe and North America. The largest number of foreign fighters come from Middle Eastern and North African countries such as Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey.

In 2015, Director Comey of the FBI testified that there were upwards of 3,000 individuals from Western nations traveling to fight in Syria. However, some European analysts estimate that figure could be as high as 5,000 people – up from 2,000 at most in 2014 – meaning there may be up to 10 times more foreign fighters going into Iraq and Syria today than just two years ago. To help address these concerns, President Obama signed an Executive Order (EO) on September 24 th, 2016 requiring all individuals seeking to enter or leave United States (U.S.) territories who hold dual citizenship with one of four specified countries (Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Sudan) and who plan to travel through one of five U.S.-designated airports – JFK International Airport (JFK), Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD), Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), or Miami International Airport (MIA) – must first receive special authorization from U.S. Customs and Border Protection authorities prior to boarding flights heading toward those areas.

That only covers the terrorist threat we face every day. President Biden can’t seem to open his mouth without putting his foot into it. Now China and Russia have tested a supersonic misle. What the hell? One day there will be a war between the world powers. I want to be sure we are on the winning end. According to the New York Times, China and Russia are advancing their cyber capabilities to undermine the American government and corporate computer systems and sow chaos around the world. This creates an urgent need to address America’s cybersecurity weaknesses and enhance our ability to protect ourselves from nefarious actions by foreign powers. According to other sources, these issues aren’t new, and they started before Trump took office, but they still represent a serious danger that should be addressed as soon as possible. Will Biden be able to address this issue effectively? Time will tell…but what do you think? Is America safe from China and Russia?

China’s military spending is estimated to be around 4 percent of its GDP, compared with 3.3 percent for Russia and 2.6 percent for us. In other words, there’s a disparity between how much money both countries are putting toward their militaries—China spends twice as much on its military than it did ten years ago, while we’ve actually decreased ours by about 10 percent in that time period. Still, you might be wondering if China has made any more-subtle moves recently—and you’d be right. Within just a couple of weeks last year, it added more territory to its holdings when it built an artificial island in disputed waters in the South China Sea then put surface-to-air missiles on Woody Island. If you’re looking for reasons why we should have some serious concerns about our relationship with Beijing, look no further than these two incidents alone: They raise some important questions regarding whether or not they want freedom of navigation to exist at all.

The threat of Russian aggression is real, but President Putin still values our relationship. The most prominent threats are an invasion of eastern Ukraine or a military incursion into one of NATO’s Baltic sIn early 2014, those groups violently seized control of part of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula. We have no treaty obligation to defend those territories, so we can only hope Putin respects our right to defend ourselves. But if he were somehow able to capture a slice of Latvia or Estonia—putting troops along NATO’s border with Russia—we would be forced to respond because we promised other members we would do so if they were attacked. Putin has said he is prepared to protect ethnic Russians living in countries near his borders. An example of that is Russian support for separatists in Ukraine, where more than 1 million people identify as ethnically Russian. Again, Can Joe Biden protect the country and the people?

God Bless America, God Bless The Veterans


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