Bill Gates and the Media Control

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Bill Gates has been accused of using his money to shape the news and the internet in such a way that it’s beneficial to him and his agenda — and now we have proof, as documents released by the FCC show that Gates has given $319 million to bankroll select media outlets. With this kind of money, Gates can make sure that only the stories he wants to be printed see the light of day and can hire editors and journalists who will spin those stories in his favor.

This story is being reported by mainstream news sites because Bill Gates has invested nearly $320 million in developing friendly press outlets, using nonprofits as a vehicle to gain leverage over traditional media.

The result is that multiple news organizations are promoting similar stories about Bill Gates’ philanthropy. One report even goes so far as to refer to his generosity with admiration, without question or scrutiny of its possible ulterior motives. In fact, many articles look quite alike.

Bill Gates, Microsoft, billionaire, media funding. What is being said about them?: Bill gates has been giving millions of dollars to fund favorable news stories about himself and his corporation in an attempt to change public perception of his brand. He has been able to do so because he is a well-known billionaire who can support these outlets when they are at risk of going out of business by allowing them to use a pro-corporate slant for their articles rather than a pro-consumer slant. Because he has given millions of dollars, news outlets have no choice but to follow what he wants in order for them to stay alive.

Is Bill Gates teaming up with the Democrats with their own propaganda machine? Has Microsoft’s former CEO turned his back on his party? It all depends on what you believe. One thing is certain though if you are having trouble deciding which presidential candidate should receive your vote perhaps reading about one of America’s richest man’s affiliations might help change your mind.

A brief history of Bill Gates’ media control in politics. In just a few years, Bill Gates has been able to alter how politics work. Bill Gates is no different than any other American when it comes to influencing politics, he was just able to influence more effectively because of his vast personal wealth. In an effort to sway public opinion he has funded congressmen running for election all across America, with a primary focus on Washington D.C., California, Illinois, New York, and Florida-the states he considers critical for his global cause of universal flu vaccines injection programs conducted by for-profit health care organizations.

The pattern of showing favoritism towards politicians who help him fulfill his goals will soon become clear. If anyone else had spent as much money lobbying as Bill Gates, there would be concern about why they are spending so much money on Capitol Hill; however, because Gates makes vaccinations he is actually helping society instead of trying to buy his way into our political process. The amount of money that Bill Gates spends lobbying on behalf of mandatory vaccines pales in comparison to what Eli Lilly & Company (makers of Prozac) spends yearly ($8 million).

Pharmaceutical companies spend $230 million every year lobbying on behalf of their industry, yet still, no one cries foul about Big Pharma injecting their agenda into our government’s decision-making process. Lobbying provides corporations with another layer between them and their customers. This further disconnects our politicians from their constituents because now they must answer not only to their own constituents but also to all those watching from Wall Street.

By spending huge amounts of cash during elections, large corporations have helped finance campaigns on both sides of issues such as Medicare reform and labor law reform. Though it seems less morally questionable than some other areas where money changes hands, these contributions raise serious questions about who is really being represented in Congress. This dubious practice allows those outside of the elected office to exert undue influence over voting members through campaign donations.

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