Is Ole Joe Mentally Fit To Run The Country?

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Given his age, it’s not surprising that questions are being raised about President Biden’s mental fitness. What is alarming is that Joe Biden has also been criticized for possible signs of dementia. The Vice-President shows clear signs of diminished cognitive ability when he speaks in public, getting facts wrong and seemingly forgetting what his sentences are about halfway through them.

On top of that, he makes frequent inappropriate comments in public settings about people who have recently died—even joking on one occasion at a funeral about how nice it would be if another funeral were imminent so they could all get together again! These actions combined with additional reports of memory loss and confusing recent statements show Joe Biden may need some special care soon or be unable to continue serving as commander of our country.

Will the Democrats try to push Kamala Harris in the White House before President Biden’s first term in office ends? It’s a possibility many voters aren’t thrilled about. Ultimately, these questions should be answered by medical professionals… hopefully sooner rather than later. America can’t afford to wait too long while we find out whether President Biden should stay in power. [Note: You’ll notice I’m using two different spellings of Biden: Biden and Biden. Since there’s no real consensus spelling for politicians’ names, I’ve made a choice and gone with my personal preference.

It remains to be seen in the coming days of Biden’s Presidency whether he worsens and something has to be done for the good of the country. Or, will he dramatically improve leading us to ask what was everyone worried about? As always there are pros and cons for both sides of any issue. The critical thinkers out there know where your opinion fits among your personal thoughts.

There is evidence that Mr. Biden’s memory is suffering. According to Wikipedia, A diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment indicates that a person has experienced memory lapses or other mild forms of brain damage, but that it does not interfere with everyday life. And yes, you’re reading that correctly. Despite suffering from memory lapses Mr. Biden continues to work full time.

So does an individual suffering from memory lapses accurately remember what he did yesterday? Does someone suffering from memory lapses accurately remember their children’s birthday parties last month? Does someone suffering from memory lapses even remember getting married decades ago? Of course, they do… but not every single day for sure! This brings up a very important question about Americans coping with failing memories.

While it is never a good thing for a President to be seen as too old, voters may believe that Joe Biden’s age isn’t his biggest liability. In fact, an increasing number of voters appear to believe that Joe Biden may not be mentally fit enough to run our country. Regardless of whether or not you think these moments might help fuel doubts about Joe Biden’s mental fitness one thing is clear: Based on what you just read, you’re likely to agree with more than half of U.S. Voters that if physical health were all that mattered then-President Biden would probably be fine—but at least one-third of U.S.

Voters have publicly expressed concerns that Joe Biden may not be physically able to fill out another term in office without having some sort of incident so how exactly does someone get labeled mentally unfit to lead our nation? It all comes down to perception. The moment one becomes old, it’s no longer up for debate whether or not they are capable of being President; rather it becomes a matter of how long they’ll serve before their mind starts slipping.

Again, we can clearly see where President Biden has experienced memory loss and confusion, which suggests that even top Democrats want to prevent him from running again because they don’t feel confident about his mental faculties and now those fears have spread amongst voters as well.

God Bless America, God Bless The Veterans


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